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  1. I run a G3 1966 prop tunnel. It has a 115 and can run in 9-10 inches when on step. Tons more room than the jet drive versions of the boat. If it is weighted right can get about 38 mph in the skinny water. I do have my eye on a new one if you are interested in talking. I realize this post is almost a year old.
  2. I have used the 997 extensively and have an 898. Once you get everything dialed in they work great. Obviously bigger screens are easier to see but not necessary.
  3. I have not used a Digger Anchor but have used a Richtor quite a bit. They both work great but I think the Cat River tends to grab quicker based on the fluke shape. One thing I know for sure is if a Richtor gets caught under a tree it is hard to get up again, the release system on the CR will give quicker and if it doesn't with a good reef of the boat the flukes will bend to get it back too. I hope that helps.
  4. I have been running this anchor for two years now and was one of the lucky ones who got to test out the new 10# version of it. In low to normal river conditions it was amazing. In heavier current I sill prefer the 20# but man is it nice to only pull 10# 15 times per day. I have yet to lose one and I have had it hung up at least 10 times. I have broken the zips a couple times and have actually bend the tines back a time or two also but still have the anchors and still fishing on.
  5. I would say this year for me has been one of the more even keeled years. I never really got the big pre-spawn bite I have become accustomed to and the spawn was challenging but all in all fishing and average size has been good.
  6. I'm of the belief that hanging a big fish up vertically is hard on the fish and may injure them so I avoid it when i can. For years I just laid the fish in the net and hooked the scale into the yoke (Frabill yokes work great for this) and weighed from there. Last year i bought a weigh sling and that seems to be really easy on the fish and easy to use with the scale.
  7. proguide

    Rod holders

    I use regular Duo Pro. Might be overkill for what I do but better safe than sorry.
  8. I don't live there DTro but I think you are right on all levels with your theories. Water level extremes move fish around and cause odd situations. Couple that with more people on the river and more traffic it will change patterns. Up here where I am traffic is really not an issue other than I enjoyed having the river to myself in the high water the past couple seasons. But this year I noticed that things are goofy in my home section of river. I have been forced to travel downstream to find fish. As the season is progressing I am noticing that my home section of river is coming back alive and things are falling into place. After looking at some historical numbers and talking to some DNR experts who have been around a while, I'm experiencing what could be called a "normal year".
  9. I guess I never thought about it but I suppose it does.
  10. As someone who knew about this long before it was public all I can say is this was the best logistical option available from both a law and volunteer standpoint. I understand the concerns of all and involved especially the North End Guys but North Dakota killed this one. I think in the end all will be well. This is a good spot to add this. Try being a guide up here where there is now three sets of regs that must be followed depending on where you launch and which of the two licenses the clients have or which state they live in. I with these round tables were closer address this, but I have started on my own trying to bring the states back to the table to update the Red River Anglers Guide so the river has one set of rules again instead of three.
  11. You bring up a good point Canuck. We always knew the current seams were key to catfishing success up there but always thought there had to be something holding the fish in certain spots that are good year in and year out. I spend a lot of time with my side imager this past trip. (Kirk may have been a bit bored) I looked at most of the perennial hot spots and what I found was NOTHING. That place is flat with basically some rocks and the rise into and out of the channel. Once I figured that out I started watching how the currents were moving on the seams and there it is. Lockport is all about current reading. No electronics needed (other than for depth)
  12. I have found certain conditions where frozen sucker will outproduce fresh. Early spring when the ice is just off until the water temps hit about 48 degrees it is deadly. The other times I like it is when the water is really hot. I find that for some reason channels (especially smaller ones) love frozen sucker.
  13. I use cut suckers as much as I can, mostly because they are easy for me to acquire. Like others have said, cut chunks into about 1 square inch and change every 20 minutes. Other baits work well too like chubs, frogs, goldeye (if you are from the Red River.) Bait preferences can change daily so something else to be thinking of. My personal opinion on cut bait is "Putting a good piece of bait in the right place is more important than what that bait is." Most of the time that theory works.
  14. I agree with your point except the park/boat ramp in East Grand Forks where the tournament was to be held would become flooded somewhere around 26 feet and the boat ramp closes at 24 feet ish. It was more of a location issue than a fishing issue. Even if the water came up and went down the tournament headquarters if it could be set up would have been a mess and the ramp still closed.
  15. The key to circles is the rod hands down. getting rid of the stretch actually makes the hook set quicker.
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