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  1. try using a three way swivel on your dropper then running something a little heavier on the leader end. I like the 10 xt in low vis grn. seems be a little tougher for those gators to saw through.
  2. jonny, This best success I've had is to dress nice and have something to offer in return for letting you hunt on thier property. Ihave shoveled out chicken coops in wisconsin, traded walleye for pheasant in iowa. try offering to be a guide for them on thier next fishing trip to you home area. that has worked for me being that i live close to winnie.. most of all be honest with the land owner tell him everything he asks. all that being said you will still get plenty of hell no's... so be patient and keep smiling.. good luck, The Junkie
  3. have had great luck using chunks of cisco with spoons and tubes, also have caught quite a few on a whole cisco hanging from a tip up on a jig
  4. Anybody out there in cyberland got any info regarding what kind of slush to expect next week on area lakes . heard they have gotten alot of snow early but havent heard if it has made for tough slush conditions. Any help would be appreciated. thanks all The junkie
  5. the best laker action i had lst jan was on gold hammered spoons. tipped with head of a cisco. biggest was a 35" 18" girth also had many in the 8-10 lb range.
  6. the way i have been told is this: you have to be beyond the right-of-way of the roadway. this will differ depending on the road. 88ft from the centerline of a county road 110 ft from a state hiway so on and so forth. hope this helps ya
  7. weekendjunkie


    fedrals nosler partition 165 grain will put them down in a hurry. havent seen one walk, crawl, or run away yet that has been smacked by this round
  8. have found sheds in the finland area
  9. has anyone found a better gis system than the lizzard to view with? can get clear images to a point but there is more zoom available but it get blurry... any help would be appreciated the junkie
  10. had a guy i used to work with start his own company tee shirts and etc.. one of his lines was this cross between a troll and a hippie he called it the weekend junkie. as we got to know each other he realized that the creature he had created was the cartoon version of me. only natural that he would start calling me the weekend junkie... the name has just stuck.
  11. 8:30 am opening morning, colder than a welldiggers [email protected]#... been watching a weasel chase grouse all around my portable all morning. squirl chirpsw and i'm thinking ok the weasel's appitite has changed. but, from out of the swamp steps smack daddy. 11 pt 20" spread 10" g2's. pull up and kick the safty off and in the still he heard the click. he stops stares right at me all i can see at this point is his head. we stared at each other for a full five minutes. talk about gut wrenching. finaly he lowers his head and takes a step. all she wrote. took the lungs and heart. run 50 yds. my #2 buck all time as far as rack size scored 155 inches.
  12. my favorite is my fig rig 6'6" med action jig rod. awesome sensitivity. riggin i like my glx 7' loomis. use dead bolts on both
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