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  1. tcroz

    having dogs

    Just got the ashes of my 13 year old choclolate lab back today. Never easy but it is part of life. Going to spread his ashes on opening weekend at our lake Winnie cabin, some at our favorite slough, and some at our farm in Dakota. He was a great friend and hunter. But, I will not be without a dog and pick up the new pup in less than a month! RIP Cajun.......if the next dog I own is half as loyal as you I will truly be blessed.
  2. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion! I have owned chocolates, blacks,yellow and have red coming in the end of April. I do agree check out the parents and certifications as far as hips and eyes. If they all check out you should be good to go. I'm getting my red out of turkey creek labs in lake Benton. We already have one from them and he is outstanding. There is a thread already about turkey creek, and they have two litters down both yellow and reds. You can look at the parents and see they are well bred and put together. Full guarantee on all their dogs ..... They hunt believe me! Good luck and enjoy the search.l
  3. We have a black male out of Goose and Reno. Very happy with him and he is so athletic. Thanks for the info. Gunner is a specimen.
  4. diedrich06 just out of curiosity who was the stud and dam of your dog? Love the looks of him!
  5. We bought a male from TCL a year ago. Been more than happy with him. Hunting instincts and natural ability are amazing. I have had many dogs in my years and it is safe to say this is one of the best. My 14 year old Chocolate is on his last leg and I just put a deposit down on a female due this March.
  6. Norsky ~ I am delivering her tonight. Sounds like she is going to a great home. Thanks for your interest. Croz
  7. Jeff, Thanks for the interest. I just want people to know that she has been in the house a lot. To say that she would not have a slip up???? She is a kennel dog and actually prefers it outside. I really feel she would make the transition to an inside dog very easily. She is a real people dog and would love all the attention. I just prefer my hunting dogs to be outside dogs. Thanks Again, Tom
  8. I have a 6 year old Springer Female. Great hunting lines! She has had hundreds of birds shot over her in SD. Collar trained and responds beautifully to it. If you hunt and want a dog that will be ready to go in the fall this is your dog. I just do not hunt enough anymore to do her justice. She needs a good caring hunting family. This is a great dog she will not disappoint I promise. She is not registered but is paper eligible. [email protected] 507-236-0835
  9. Laportian thank you so much for the info. really appreciate it. I will be going up next weekend and MEA weekend for a fin and feather trip. Thanks again greatly appreciated.
  10. I have just recently purchased a cabin on Lake Winnie(Bena) was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some good grouse area. Also would love to get a hold of some good maps of trails. Very familiar with the water not so much with the woods. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Croz
  11. tcroz

    Gas prices

    I see gas was at $3.25 today in st.cloud according to minnesota gas prices dot com....I filled up just enough to get me to cloud on our way up to the shack on winnie!!!
  12. tcroz


    I find it quite humorous that the slacker fans are now worshipping their head coach. Last year when the Vikes were packin their lunch you were all callin for his head. I must agree with Jarrid...I also hate the Pack. Why do we have to clutter up Fishing MINNESOTA dot com. with talk of the Slackers. Go Bears (I do not like them much either)
  13. Was hunting around Woonsocket this wekend had great hunting. But i saw one of the most amazing things. We had a 5th(10 years old)grader in our gorup who was carrying a pellet gun. He was blocking along with several others, and as his dad was looking for a downed bird a rooster flew right at him. As expected he lifted the the gun and shot! I will be darned if the bird did not drop. No other shots were fired and the walkers were wondering what made it drop when no shotguns were fired. A kill with a pellet gun!!! Unfortunately it was running so we had to put a kill shot on it. I would of loved to see where that BB penetrated!!!
  14. It is on a 18 ft. Lund adventurer tiller. Right now I get about 32 mph. WOT not sure of RPM's as I do not hae that gauge. Looking for a little more speed and more turning control. I think it is a 17 pitch now.
  15. I am looking to upgrade to ss prop for my 75 yamaha tiller. Want to increase speed and getting on plane faster. What pitch should I get and 3 or 4 blade. Thanks
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