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  1. I have already been through 2 Aqua View Scouts. The first one I got last year, used it twice, and then it wouldn't power up after that. The 2nd one I used once and the camera filled up with water and fritzed out on me. So now I am having the same debate.
  2. I think I am getting closer to figuring this out. I got the pictures to show up when I edit the post but when I look in the full post I can't see them. Can anyone see the pictures I posted now?
  3. Sent you some pics. If anyone could tell me how to post these pics right in my post I would appreciate it. THansk.
  4. Jaymey

    Rope Lights

    I have only had mine set up in my garage so far but it seemed to me that there would be plenty of light for tying knots.
  5. Jaymey

    Rope Lights

    I actually had the same problem with the sets I bought. One worked well the other had about 5-6 lights that didn't work and was just a lot dimmer ovrall. Took it back and got another one and it worked but it still wasn't as bright as the first set I bought for some reason. So the "quality" of these lights is still an unknown but for $16 I don't see how you can go wrong.
  6. Jaymey

    Rope Lights

    They are white LEDS lights. I bought 2 and strapped them to my center pole in my voyager. Seems like it should work very well and the price is right. Also, the cords screw off so you can store the alligator clips and cord out of the way when you set up/take down.
  7. Thank for the info. It looks like they did change it this year to allow for one passenger. Thanks again
  8. He was riding behind me on the seat. No helmet. She also told me that if it would have been my son, who is 9, I would have been fine having him ride on the 4-wheeler with me as long as he was wearing his helmet.
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