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  1. I'd buy an air lucky duck instead of a robo or moterized one. Pretty good chance they will outlaw them next year
  2. Yo, set the drag it is guys like you who give us waterfowlers who follow the law a bad name. A really bad name. If you do something like this again keep it to yourself. and these guys kicked JerknperchSD out, at least he followed the laws. sorry for being so mean but, just don't post about something like that again
  3. I would set up decoys for the morning shoot and go out in the early afternoon. THe ducks are usually sitting down by then. that is the way it usually goes for us
  4. nope, don't have to. If you do your scouting ahead of time, you can get a field and be there at 5:00, not 3:00. Like us, we did our scouting ahead of time and got a great field and shot 19 geese in it on opener. We put at least 200 miles on the truck searching within 50 miles of our house find a field. We got it, all of our troubles paid off. Goin' to that field tomorrow, going to a field in centerville on sunday. hoping that this fielsd pays off for us too
  5. our group got 19 the first day out of 5 guys. The birds worked awesome!! in your face action the whole time we were out there. We had all of our birds down by 8:30{am} and then we sat around for a couple of hours just to enjoy the sweet weather before it started raining . today we got 10, by 9:00{am} overall it was a great weekend. it payed to do all of that scoutin' ahead of time. We got lucky, we found this straw field and the first day we saw it, it was full of geese. the landowner said he'd been seeing them for about two weeks when we arivved to set up the night before.
  6. thanks for all the tips guys. but, i just got a Wildfowler layout blind. i had my sights set on the elimanator, but my dad took me to a guy who had these for about $150 a piece and my brother and i each got one. I really like this one, it is comfy and there is slots an dstuff to put grass and a hole for flagging. It sits a little higher than the FA, but overall it is a good quality blind. thanks alot though guys for the input and tips, i appreciate that .
  7. Thanks guys, I've also heard from other hunters the bigfoots tend to hold up a little better, too. Guess i should start savin' my money . Thanks for the input .
  8. I saw some Hidgon full bodies at A gander mountain for $85 per 4. I heard these were good decoys, but, just makin' sure i don't buy the wrong stuff. Kit contains: 2 semi-feeders 1 greeter 1 sentry all flocked heads i thought is was a pretty good deal. Some input would be great, thanks
  9. They are really getting int o groups now down by my house. {don't think i'm crazy} There was a flock of at least 20-25 on the pond where we shoot. Good sign . i'm so pumped already!! And there's like another whole month of September 'till the season starts. I guess goose huntin' will have to do ;lol.
  10. Quackaddict9, Hey, man go for it!! If you can get one now, their sale only lasts like a few more days. It's the best deal i've seen on a FA in years. If and when you're down here, they have Foiles calls, buck gardner, and echo and pretty much every call in the front of the store on sale. FA flocked head goose decoys are on sale, too. hope you can fins somethin' you like. Good luck!! . {Better get there before I do ;lol}
  11. Quackaddict9, the Gander Mountain was located in Fridley. It's not very convienient for where u are . But' i heard there was a new gander opening in your area. Maybe the sale goes with all gander mountains'. Good luck oh, yeah, Thanks for all the input guys!!! I appreciate it, now i gotta arrange a ride with my dad .
  12. Definitly, Power Pro or Spider Wire. {I use Power Pro 80lb test}
  13. I really need some input on this. I saw this FA Eliminator at Gander Mountain for $130. I was gonna ask if i should buy it or save my money and wait for a higher quality blind like the Avery blinds. {this is urgant 'cause there is only 2 weeks left to the season!} thanks,
  14. Thanks alot Tom . now i've got an idea for what i should be lookin' for. I really appreciate that alot. I'm interested in photography 'cause the pics you guys send in are totally awesome! and i really enjoy them. I think it would be so cool to take pics like that. I'm gonna start lookin' through catalogs now . keep 'em comin'
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