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  1. I do like your idea of the "Vex View" and I do agree with 2 much is 2 much....to a point. I say that because my experience has shown that some people like it simple and others like the busy NASCAR look. That is why I posted this ad. I wanted to get opinions so I thank you for yours! Also, I was just reading another post asking who already has IFD (Ice Fishing Disorder). I think that would be a nice touch to the cap... maybe in the back to the left or the right of the velcro closure.... Please keep the opinions coming...
  2. I am thinking of producing a very nice baseball style cap strictly for the ice fisher-person. I would do embroidery all over the cap meaning a design on the front, both sides, on top of the visor, over the back arc and possibly more embroidery on the velcro closure. I wanted to see if the "ice fisher people" out there thought this was a marketable piece and if so, I would like to hear some suggestions on what you would like to see on such a cap. Please post your input. Thank you!
  3. Hello All! I have a 1989 Smokercraft Runabout that I need to get a new "on board" gas tank for but cannot seem to find any suppliers n line. This gas tank is a 17 gallon and it is mounted under my floor. Does anyone have any idea as to where I might find a tank? Thanks for your efforts!
  4. SapperACE, I would like to talk to you more about your fish house. How can I get a hold of you and when is a good time to talk? Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you!
  5. Thanks for your input everybody!
  6. I am in the market for a good "comfortable" fish house like the ones that all fold into a sled and have seats already in them. I have been looking at 2 seaters and 3 seaters but have never owned one before. The purpose of this post is that I am looking for opinions on who makes a good quality unit and is a 3 seater too heavy compared to a two seater. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  7. Hello everyone! Does anyone have a good lead as to where to get the best deal on a new Marcum XL5? Last year was my first year utilizing these handy tools and I used a Vexilar fl8. My research has found that the XL5 is pretty much top of the line so I am looking for the deal and ready to bite. Any info would be appreciated!
  8. Howdy! I have mentioned my experience on this site before and I will mention my experience again... I received my DWI 20 years ago and we went into Canada last year. When we arrived at the border, they told us to get out of the camper and check in inside with the people behind the counter. Our group consisted of 6 people. The gal (or I should say moose)asked us a series of questions and took each of our licenses to run a check. One of the questions was have I ever been charged with a felony. I said no, thinking they only cared about the most recent 5 or 10 years, which is something I thought I had read somewhere. Anyway, after she dissapeared to run our licenses, she came back and called out my last name. I went to the counter and she asked if I understood the questions she asked me and I said yes. Then she asked why I didn't tell her about the DWI that was on my record from 20 years ago. i told her that I thought they were only concerned with the last 5 or 10 years and she went off on me. She got loud. She asked "What part of the question - Have you ever been charged with a felony before - don't you understand. Then she started to accuse me of not respecting the border patrol. She summed it up by saying that the only reason she is letting me in is because she wanted me to babysit the other 5 ugly guys that were with me. (just kidding Glenn) Actuall she said it was only because there were 5 other guys waiting and I said C-U-Bye! and we were gone. What did I learn from that? I have been told that if you do have a DUI, call the border to find out where you get the proper paper work to fill out that pertains to your DUI. Once that paper is filled out and faxed back you will get documentation that will allow the DUI person to cross, although there will probably be a price tag behind it. That is all I know and i think they reat everyone different. All they ask for is the truth. Good luck fishing and knock a few back for me too!
  9. Listen to me pegleg... The "only" reason she let me in was because of MY good looks! She didn't want to let you bunch of scrownges in without at least one good looking American with them. The locals would have tore you guys up because you would have looked like an easy target! I will do the paper work this year for sure. I think I better get good at that part.
  10. I went through this exact thing last fall. We went to the border and they asked us all to step inside where we each individually walked to to an officer (and mine was a female). She asked us for our licenses and asked if we had any felonies or any other charges. I said no, just like the rest of my group (but I did have a DWI 20 years ago). After she asked us all the same questions, she did a run on our licenses and came back and called out for me. I went up to her and she asked if I mis understood any of her previous questions and i said no. She ripped me a new one! She wanted to know why she found my DWI and I told her that I was under the impression that they only cared about the last 10 years. She kept rippin! She said i didn't respect them Canadians and so on ... She finally said the ONLY reason i am letting you in is because you have 5 other people waiting for you so I said C-U bye! and we were gahndi! If you have a DWI, call the border and they will fax you some paper work. I don't know the process after that but the best bet is to be honest. Another recommendation is that if you have had a RECENT DWI, stay home and save your group some hassels. This is "fact" and it just happened last fall.
  11. Hey pegleg, Not to sound untrusting, but the price sounds too good to be true. Are you certain there is nothing wrong with this equipment? If it's in as good of shape as you say, I would be interested. Please confirm the condition. Thanks!
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