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    While I agree it is a nuisance to only be able to shoot 1 goose, etc., I think the people who put in the time to actually go goose hunting in WC MN have better hunting because of it. If the limit was 3 like in ND, there would be a group set up in most decent fields on the weekends, not to mention leasing. The key to good goose hunting is letting the birds get comfortable and not constantly harassing them. The dakotas have this luxury. MN does not. That being said, I agree it is almost a waste of time to set up in a really good field. You will be done in a half hour anyway. I believe EPP's have had better success the last couple years, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more liberal reg's in the near future. Even this year they loosened the noose quite a bit in the WC zone.
  2. A major reason I'm not totally on board with hard antler restrictions is because deer in the "gray area" (1 1/2 year olds) make up a large portion of the deer herd. I think there will be a fair amount of wasting of animals by people who think its OK to shoot and ask questions later. If it weren't for that, I'd support it. Actually, I wouldn't be upset if they did it anyway.
  3. I agree that government shouldn't be involved with antler restrictions, although in theory their premise is good. One thing that it would accomplish in western MN is that the majority of bucks shot on private land are probably shot while making drives. If a 1 1/2 year old buck runs out full speed by you and its more than 20 yards away, its going to be pretty dang hard to count 4 tines on one antler. Basically you'd have to let it go. I'm sure some would shoot if its questionable and ask questions later. Some small bucks would still get shot by hunters in stands where they could figure out if there's 4 points or not. To tell you the truth, if we could just get a year where for whatever reason, no deer were harvested, I think we'd be in pretty good shape, the little bucks we see seem to have decent genetics, at least some of them anyway, and hopefully if no does were harvested, the herd would become at least a little healthier. I don't think you guys realize how serious the situation is with the herd in some spots. We probably saw as many bucks as does last weekend. They just aren't there. So in this particular case I strongly disagree with harvesting any does.
  4. Chuck, I just think MN has such a vast spectrum of scenarios when you think of the great north woods vs. the barren farmlands and everything in between. Its hard to address all situations. If you are saying that there are doe only tags around Ottertail, I am unaware, we only shoot bucks. I just know it used to be you could shoot either sex with a doe tag. I guess I agree it is unnecessary in many areas.
  5. I'd have to say I've heard less about the rowdy illegal stuff the last handful of years. Don't know if its because there's less deer, or what. No doubt it goes on everywhere though. I've always wondered how many deer are poached in the wooded areas each year. It would seem to be so easy to do it. Does it happen alot? Not as many people actively drive deer either. I think there are more "city" hunters now, whether they are locals who moved there or just from the city period, and less locals with private patches to make drives, so the deer aren't moved as much as they used to be, at least around our immediate area. The guys who aren't local seem to sit in stands more, which makes sense if you don't own land.
  6. It's alright fellas, I was just trying to stir up some activity. I do not mean to offend anyone. If this makes me a jerk, that's fine. I'm sure everyone is ready to go for the weekend. On a serious note, I am from the Appleton area, and the deer numbers are kind of low, but there seems to be enough to keep us interested. They seem to show up once lead starts flying around the countryside. As far as the states DNR's, MN will always be at a disadvantage in my opinion because of the pressure relative to the resources. Awful tough to manage everyone in MN. ND is a little easier. I do wish MN would go to either a doe tag or a buck tag, instead of either sex. Good luck.
  7. Ah yes, the "true hunters" with every license offered, not to mention the ones that their wife who doesn't hunt has, their mother-in-law has, and so on.
  8. I'll tell you what, you guys keep blazing away over there, shoot your "button bucks" and basket racks, I'll keep going to the locker plant in ND and look at the dozens and dozens of truly BIG bucks hanging there every weekend. I'm sure you'll come back with something about your not a trophy hunter, blah blah blah, just ask yourself......Do we have a lot of QUALITY MATURE deer around? If you can answer yes, I have no argument for you. Good for you and good luck this month. My whole argument here is that in that particular area, something needs to be done to let the population get started again. Whether that is related to number of doe tags or whatever. That area is in a tough spot right now because the few deer there are will be pressured to no end over the next month.
  9. So what do you think the DNR's priority should be? Protecting the resources it has to play with or letting everyone who wants to shoot until Christmas? In North Dakota, if there is a particular area which has low deer numbers, guess what, the permits reflect it. Go to SD, if there is a pond/lake that starts giving up limits of walleyes, they slap some tight restrictions on it, right in the middle of the action. In MN, they just say, "Gee I don't know, our counts are at an all time high." Like they know better from their office at Headquarters than the people who farm the land and are there day in day out. North Dakota does things based on the resource, MN does things based on where the money is. Where I grew up it was not uncommon to see herds of 100-300 deer yarded up feeding along the river in the winter, with several BIG bucks mixed in. Now if you see 30 its a good day. 15 years ago, we would push out 20-25 bucks on good days, now if we SEE 5 on Saturday its pretty good. My point about the Ulen thing is what does Ulen's deer herd have to do with Appleton's? That area is pounded from duck opener until thanksgiving, nonstop. Ulen's deer probably get hunted by locals, and a few people from Fargo Moorhead. I was home hunting pheasants two weeks ago, and I have never seen so many vehicles in my life on gravel roads. Every acre of accessible land got hunted 3 times that weekend, I'll bet money. Luckily we have plenty of private stuff. You still haven't answered my questions about why people need so much time to hunt deer.......
  10. Anyone who has been out in the agricultural areas of West Central Minnesota who claims there is a lot of deer is wrong. Period. What do the deer numbers by Crookston and Ulen have to do with West Central Minnesota? I think its obvious he was referring to West Central as in the agricultural area, say south of Elbow lake or so. The muzzleloading has absolutely had an effect on the deer herd near Appleton, etc. Why do they need 3 weekends to shoot a deer with their "primitive" weapon? I have no problem with muzzleloading, if it was managed appropriately. Why not have one 2 day slug season, and give them 4 days the following weekend for muzzleloading. Cripes, I guarantee we can go out to the range and I'll shoot slugs and you can shoot your muzzleloader at 125 yards and you'll win every time. And I'm a pretty good shot. Rather than just continuing to blow the heck out of everything that moves until its ALL gone, why not take some measures before it's too late? For what it's worth, I am from Appleton originally, and now live in ND, and if you guys in MN think your state manages your resources at any more than a horrible rate, then you need to open your eyes to what goes on in other states. Your DNR is a joke.
  11. If you want to see water standing EVERYWHERE, go to SE ND. Your buddy had obviously been to the watering hole the day he told you. Ha ha.
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