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  1. The sad part about Cabela's for me is that its 10 mins away driving the speed limit and less then that the way i drive.... it tends to get me in trouble.
  2. wasnt so good but..... I did have one fallow halfway to the boat and thats enought to keep me going after them. ~Matt
  3. What would be some lures that you would say is a must for every Muskie Fisherman's Tackle Box???? just curious on what the input would be... ~Matt "Muskies, Everything else is just bait."
  4. Ill throw every lure/setup at them but mainly live bait. Thank God for electronics to make sure that im not waste my time. Where would fishing be without Depthfinders, GSPs, Vexlars and AquaVu??? I wonder how grandpa ever caught the fish he tells me about, if true he puts us to shame.
  5. Im gonna go to Lake X...... I think that most ppl you talk to are gonna say Lake X. Ill post what i get after opener. hmm that reminds me i got to go cabela's and pick up the secret lure combo....
  6. that prolly what ill do since i can almost buy 2 musky premiers for the price of one avid
  7. I work at Dokkens Oak Ridge Kennels located in Northfield, MN (5 min away from the big steer) We offer: Puppy Program: Two week introduction to birds and firearms. (if you saw ESPNs Makeover: Hunt Dog Edition, You would have seen part of the the grounds and what goes on during the puppy program; Aired April 17) Intermediate: Retrievers - Ten week course with emphasis on waterfowl and upland game. Concentration on retrieving, delivery to hand, and obedience training. Intermediate: Pointers - Twelve week course covering all the basics of pointing and retrieving to hand. Advanced: Pointers and Retrievers - Emphasis on steadying, hand signals and advanced obedience training. Special Services: Private lessons available for any phase of your personal training. Special programs for particular areas of performance. Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels 4186 W. 85th Street Northfield, Minnesota 55057 Phone: (507) 744 - 2616
  8. yea thats my main problem i dont have the cash to drop on an avid series but i do like that the avid have lifetime guaranty and not 2 years like the premiers. Is there an outstanding preformance difference between the two?
  9. thanks that helps, one more question. I have a 7'6" st.croix premier, is it worth spending the extra money and getting the avid series?
  10. dont get it. its a waste of money lyme disease comes from insects and if u keep your dog up on its frontline you wont have to worry about it
  11. I was just wondering if someone could give me a good list of what rod length/size to use with each type of lures. thxz
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