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  1. I'd second Fittante's work. I had posted several pictures last year of my 52" at this link http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2332710/1 or search for "walleyepro" and click on the musky art in home thread. included picture of the original fish and also a friend's fish when we were picking up our replicas from the musky expo
  2. This one didnt post the first time... I love the detail of the mouth/teeth/gills. Amazing attention to the details!
  3. Here are a couple others that show the fish and then a buddy of mine was also picking up a fish at the Muskie Expo - his is a 43in northern.
  4. Here's a replica of my 52" metro fish from two years ago. The markings aren't exact but I haven't seen one yet that is. I feel like he did a great job! What do you guys think?
  5. butter - you muskie fish from a canoe? standing up? You must have really good balance. I think if I tried that i'd end up in the drink on my first cast!
  6. I have a 8' XH Compre with a Saltist 30 that i use for big blades and plastics. I currently don't throw any pounders or bigger plastics, catch plenty of fish on the normal size bulldawg, and the smaller bulldawg sees a lot of fish too. I appreciate your help. When i pick it up at TB i'll ask the guys there too what they recommend. maybe i just need to change by retrieve with jerk baits, suicks, etc to bring the rod in more to the side vs. down towards the water. That's why i was going to go with the 7'6" over the 8'. I'll be fishing out of a lower profile yar-craft (1785 mille lacs) so i should be ok with a 7'6" on eights. I just bought it this winter and had it in the water over the weekend, i was surprised at how low it say in the water. Thanks
  7. Why do you suggest at least 8 foot rods? Two years ago an 8 foot rod as "long" and now its on the short side??? Some lures are getting bigger and heavier, but I still fish "small" 8 and 9 inch baits with a lot of success. I think I'm going to go with the 7'6" XH Compre.
  8. I was at the expo and picked up a Revo 60 and a Compre rod. Haven't yet decided what length rod I should get. and whether or not to go heavy or extra heavy. I have a extra heavy 8' compre with a saltist 30 for running big blades fast I'm looking for a good all around rod for throwing different types of baits. I really like the 8' but feel that a 7'2" or a 7'6" might be better. I was thinking extra heavy. What are your thoughts? I have two other 7' fig rig rods that I don't really care for, they are medium heavy, each with a cheaper abu.
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. Pro-V my email address is ryan (dot) c (dot) schuh (at) gmail (dot) com The back story is that my wife's family does not fish for muskies and they don't believe that I have the ability to catch 50"+ fish, even with the pictures. Her uncle has this running joke where he fakes that he is "blowing" up the muskie and then posing for a picture. So I was going to try and find a blow up/inflatable muskie to play a prank on him.
  10. Not sure what the best spot is to post this, but I need to find an inflatable or blow-up muskie, like a toy for a gag gift. The bigger the better. Anyone know where to find one or ever seen one? I've searched the web and can't find anything. Thanks for any help.
  11. ryan (dot) c (dot) schuh at gmail (dot) com Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know how to transfer waypoints from a H20 to a Humminbird 595C GPS Combo? I can "save" data on the H20 to a SD card, but I can't "load" them to the HB. Can you load waypoints onto this model? It has a SD slot. The Navionics Hotmaps work. This is the first HB unit I've owned, I've always used Lowrance units.
  13. Airjer- Where is the DNR's main office? Do they have an office in the Cities? I also had a problem last time when dealing with the DMV. They tried to get me to register the trailer for a larger capacity than it was so that I would have had to get tabs for it each year.
  14. I'm looking to purchase a boat through a private sale in South Dakota and register for use in MN. Do I need to pay tax on the boat? My past experience has been that I only need to pay tax on the trailer when I transfer the title and pay registration on the boat. However, I have not bought a boat out of state. Thanks
  15. Hey Whitewolf - What kind of a boat are you fishing out of? that looks like a sweet set-up...
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