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  1. I agree with a lot of the original post, but with some caveats. We deal with the same issues where we try and practice QDM on our property. For the most part, our neighbors do not. While that would make it easy to say, "Well, if I don't shoot that spike, he will get shot going across the road," our choice is ours and we stick to it. If the spike goes across the road and gets shot, so be it. They make their decisions on what to shoot and we make ours. Ultimately, unless you control thousands of acres of continuous land, you will deal with these issues. Every hunting party has the right to make those decisions and not be second-guessed on the choices they make. As long as your party all agree and you own your decision, you will see some success from your efforts and can take pride in what you do, just as the neighbor can take pride in how they hunt and what the do. In the end, for better or worse, we only can control our own decisions and choices.
  2. My first deer hunt was about 20 years ago. My extended family is from Indiana, and my dad and I went down to hunt with my grandpa. We were hunting on some land that my grandpa owned that had an old building on it that we called the Villa. In that part of Indiana it was shotgun only, so I was using a 16 gauge shotgun with a slug. My dad and I left the Villa to walk out to our stands. The land is heavily wooded with lots of ravines and hills and there is a little private road that runs from the main gate of the property to the buildings. Dad and I were walking along that road and we got to where the road took a sharp turn to the right. Down about another 100 yards, it took another 90 degree turn back to the left. When we got to the first turn, dad said for me to stand there and wait while he walk to the next turn and then to follow him. He was about fifty yards down the road when I looked to my left and saw an antlerless deer standing about 40 yards away in the woods. I brought up the shotgun and shot the deer. My dad just about jumped out of his skin as he was facing and walking the other direction. He turned around and yelled "What the heck are you doing?!" I calmly replied, "I got a deer. It's right over here." Needless to say, dad, grandpa, and I were all pretty excited. Might be the shortest first deer hunt on record, but is one of my favorite memories...I spent the rest of the day squirrel hunting while dad hunted to fill his deer tag.
  3. No leaks. I have had it in the water quite a few times since I put the new floor in and have never had water in it when taking it out. The motor is in good shape and usually starts on the first or second pull. It was bought new in '76 and used for one week per summer for about 10 years. After that the person I bought it from bought a new boat and it sat in their garage since '86. He would basically run it in a barrell every summer just to make sure it ran. It has run very well for me. The prop has a few dings in it, but a new prop is pretty cheap for it. It idles well and has been a good motor for me. As far as trolling goes, I usually use my electric, but if you wanted a faster troll, the outboard works for that. The trailer is a '79 Highlander. It is in good shape. My dad and I put a new hitch on it this spring, along with a wheel jack. I also have a set of new bearings and bearing buddy's but I have not put them on. I will throw those in as well. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. I have sent out all pictures that have been requested. I will be coming to the Minneapolis area this weekend and can bring the boat. Someone make me an offer.
  5. I will send pictures when I get home from work tonight after 5 PM. The boat is in Fargo, but I will be coming down to Minneapolis the 27th and could bring it, or could meet somewhere.
  6. I am selling a 16ft Lund fishing boat. This is a 1978 model boat that I have completely re-done the inside this spring. * New floor this spring with casting deck * New rubber backed marine carpet this spring * 3 pedestal mounts * 2 pedestals (one hydraulic) * 2 new seats * Livewell * Bilge Pump * Interior lights for night fishing * Running and Anchor lights (removable) * WhiteCap splashguards (wavewackers) * 48lb Thrust transom mount Minnkota * '76 Evinrude 25HP outboard w/ 6 gallon tank * Radio + speakers * Eagle FishEasy graph * Highlander Trailer * Side and front storage * One Gel-Cel battery to run all electronics/lights (this is mounted inside console) * One deep-cycle (new spring '05) for trolling motor * New anchor * New paddle Asking $2000.00/obo for this package. Lots of good fall fishing left!
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