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  1. Hey, I've heard of people making canoes,if you're kind of a handyman, that might be an option.
  2. I realize I'm late on this, but if you still have the camper, I'd like to see some pictures. thanks [email protected]
  3. Sounds like what we've been doing. I've thrown those grandma's for awhile, then get tired and throw the bucktails again. Both that we caught were right at the boat. Missed two others, but figure 50% at the boat was pretty good. I'm not familiar with a "hell hound", but will check it out. Do you have troubles with the Grandma hanging up in the weeds?
  4. Nice fish! We have hooked into a couple short fish casting bucktails over the tops of weeds. Have you been trolling or casting?
  5. Picked a 50 up yesterday, sacrificed the line capacity for comfort. Threw bucktails for about 6 hours and really liked how the real performed.
  6. Have been fishing the Fairmont area quite a bit for walleye and crappie this summer and had heard that there was a lake in the area that holds muskies...anybody have any info they'd be willing to share. thanks bcon
  7. Fished clear lake today 14' water, vert. jigging small jigs / minnow, 25 yellows, 3 catfish
  8. Could a person float from the 7 islands campsite (looking at a map now) to Sartell in 2 days? Good water levels? fishing? and is there a service that would either take us back to our truck or take our truck down to our ending point for us? thanks [email protected]
  9. Thanks for the "heads up" on the water level / canoe issue. Puts me in a bit of a fix as I absolutely do not want my daughters canoe to get trashed. Will try to figure something out. We have an aluminum Osagion, but as you can imagine, she has been working with me on the cedar canoe since February and wants to get it out on the water in the worst way. Regardless, tomorrow we put together the in/outwales and hopefully on Wed. glass in the flotation chambers, will be glad to finally paddle this thing. thanks bcon
  10. thanks chisox; I was hoping that this area might be a good bet for a trip,was not sure how big the river was in this area (wide) etc... Also, can you just camp wherever, or do you need to stay on specific sites? thanks bcon
  11. Just curious if anyone is familiar with a good area to canoe on the upper Mississippi? My daughter and I were planning on going to BW again with her new cedar strip, but it is not going to be done until next week and school will be starting...so looking at an alternate trip for a two day float over long weekend. thanks bcon
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