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  1. I am taking an overnight sleeper trip to mille lacs at the end of the month. This will be my first time ice fishing walleye or staing in a sleeper. Any suggestions on what i should or shouldnt take for tackle, bait, gear or food? I have a few spoons and darter type jigs. What is the proper thing to do with fish after you clean them. The regs say you have to keep the fish to show to the dnr due to the slot. Can I put them in a bag and sit it outside or will it freeze and make it hard to measure?
  2. I have been fishing a lake with what appears to be the thermocline at about 17 feet. I was told not to bother fishing any deeper than the thermocline so I have been fishing 17 feet and shallower. Is it really that simple?
  3. I bought a new 2 man shelter this weekend. It comes with several stretcher poles that attach between the main u-frame poles. Does anyone actually use these? What are the pro's and con's of using them. They seem like overkill to me. Thanks
  4. I have been using 12 lb mono. The bottom of this lake is really jagged and rocky. Live bait rigging is impossible so i tried trolling with the same result. Loss of tackle. I was thinking about trying to pull crankbaits 2-3 feet off the bottom, but didn't know if this was a waste of time.
  5. How far off the bottom can i get and still catch walleyes on crankbaits? I have been trying to keep it right on the bottom. The lake I fish is real rocky and the bottom has sudden depth changes. I seem to catch 1 fish for every 2-3 lures I loose.
  6. How far above the walleyes can you pull crankbaits and still get bit? I tried it last week on a snaggy lake and lost more baits than i caught fish. I tried to stay right on the bottom of a lake full of jagged boulders and deadheads. My tackle box is a little lighter as a result. Help.
  7. I have only owned a boat for a couple of years and would appreciate any feedback on the way I maintain my bearings. My biggest fear is breaking down on I-35 again. I have a 2 yo 1800lb trailer. I take it on 2 trips a year that are 1200 miles round trip with the boat loaded with gear and pushing the 1800lb mark. I have the bearings repacked every spring and replaced if the mechanic feels its necessary. I put a couple of squirts of grease in the bearings before every trip. When i get there I always have some grease that has oozed out into the spring inside the bearing buddy. Am I overdoing it with adding grease on each trip and is it a bad thing if it gets spit back out?
  8. Anybody ever try this combo? I upgraded from a bucket to a pack shack last year and want to add a heater this year. I am just not sure if there is enough room. I know i should get a bigger shelter, but the car I have only has so much room in the trunk. Thanks
  9. When in doubt go with 1 & 3. I found a schooley combo at a farm store today and thought I was good. Then I found a really nice underspin combo at a sporting goods store. He now has both. Now all we need is a heater and a sled and it will be upgrades from that point on.
  10. I started Ice fishing last year and am hooked. What kind of pole should I get for my 6 year old? I let him use a spinning reel last year and that went bad enough to end the trip. The kid really made a mess. I am looking at a few options. 1. A schooley type rod & reel combo. 2. A regular rod with a Schooley type reel. 3. A regular rod with a closed face underspin reel. Anyone have any suggestions or experience with little kids that love to tie knots?
  11. cray

    Gas smell

    Yes. There was a small slick the last time I ran it.
  12. cray

    Gas smell

    My 2007 Mercury 40 4stk has developed a strong gas smell when I start it up. It doesn't happen after the motor has been running for a while. I checked under the hood several times and found no gas leak there. I have not had the valves adjusted yet. Could the motor be spitting unburnt gas out the exhaust because of the valve thing? Any ideas?
  13. Are there any advantages of getting a fishfinder with an external GPS?
  14. I have an 06 lund 1625 classic with a 40 merc 4strk. When the motor is at idle the trolling motor bracket and the locator rattle like mad. Is this normal? What can be done to stop this. The locator is mounted on the console and the Trolling motor bracket is a minnkota slide release style. help I spent way too much money for a quiet motor to have a noisy boat.
  15. I need a new tow vehicle. I am looking at getting a newer, used SUV. I have narrowed it down to a 4x4 4-runner, Trailblazer or Explorer. I will be towing a 16ft aluminum boat w/ a 40 hp motor. Does anyone use any of these vehicles with a similar rig? If so, what kind of mileage do you get when towing. Thanks.
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