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  1. Is there a camera out there yet that can show fish in stained water? Thinking about getting one but last time I was with someone that had one we couldnt see anything not even your lure that was 2 feet away. I think he had a cheaper aquaview. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the info, just thought I might get some more responses from the walleye people.
  3. Yesterday I bought a 6'8" medium extra fast St. Croix Avid. I've had one friend say take it back and get a ML fast and another friend that says get a M fast because they use different guides and are more sensitive. I want one mostly for jigging walleyes anywhere from 8'-25'. I have been using a Guide Series 6'6" ML fast and can't complain it's just that I listen to my buddies and they say I'll catch more if I used a more sensitive rod. The one thing I like about the avid St. Croix is it comes with a lifetime warranty. Thanks in advance.
  4. use black electrical tape and tape a quarter or 50 cent piece on the bottom of his transducer. use a knife or razor blade to trim the tape so it's not noticable. you can see bottom but it won't mark fish or your lure/bait. really fun if they have a different brand and you can tell them how much better your locator is.
  5. jonboy


    I received a warning last year for not having my name and address on my portable. Not sure but isn't that info on the shelter tag that I had on the shack.
  6. I've had the lowrance for 1.5 yrs and I like it so far. I've also used vex's and they are nice too. One nice thing about the low. is I use it as a portable finder in the open water as well. Ice fishing I use it in the sonar mode zoomed in the bottom 6-8' and crank up the chart and ping speed and you can have very quick readouts plus a history of what's going on. I do not use it in flasher mode. You will like either one. If you decide on the vex I would get the fl18 so you can zoom on the bottom.
  7. does anyone know roughly how long it will take us to get from winnipeg to flin flon.
  8. read the top post on this forum (canada)"what to bring..."
  9. Thanks Paul. If it's that good I'll probably never want to fish in MN again. Now I won't be able to sleep at all. Is a 6'6" heavy enough pole for those big pike?
  10. lodge is 1 mile from flin flon airport. I would say it is in NW Manitoba
  11. going there this weekend, was wondering if anyone has been there. Is there any secret weapon tackle that I need to take with so I can win our biggest fish contest. We will be going for pike,walleye and lake trout. My first time in Canada, can't wait til the weekend.
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