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  1. Pulled the trigger on the SM today. I feel good about the choice. Talked to a few of the Sales guys. I am sure they are both great units. Now to hit the ice. Thanks for the input fellas.
  2. I do drill a ton of holes when I fish. Headed to Cabela's tomorrow to do final comparison. Thanks for all the input. Great place to see how people like their gear.
  3. Guess "didn't feel right" was the correct term. I really like the pro 4 pull cord and construction. It felt and looked solid. I didn't realize they had the light model because I wasn't in the market for a new auger until this week. The Pro 4 lite model if I can remember correctly was a little more plastic and the small pull cord handle, the throttle cable was really sloppy. I didn't realize that weight would mean that much to me but after turning 40 I realized I am turning into a puss. Guess I was looking more at ergonomics now. With the eskimo that I had the choke was on top across from the pull cord and as I pulled the my sleeve would "un-choke" the engine because of the location. Was such a pain. Now that you asked the question I have to go back and look the models over again. Do you have the Jiffy propane? I don't have a wheel house so exaust isn't a huge issue for me. I have flooded my old auger now and then that's why I was thinking propane. After thinking propane I saw the two lite models and that changed my mind a little. So I was just wonder if anyone had any pro's / con's over the two lite models. I am sure I would be happy with either. I just better go back and look at them again and see which one would suits me better.
  4. what have you guys heard. I was looking at the Jiffy propane which looked and felt like a nice solid machine. Then I picked up the Jiffy lite and like the weight but it felt a lot cheaper. I kind of had my mind set on propane but then picked up the Strike Master Lite with Honda 4 stroke. What are your thoughts? Guess I am leaning Strike Master because the smaller Jiffy just didn't feel right to me.
  5. That's the one my wife got me from home depot last year. Gets really warm. If you run on the high setting it doesn't last to long, but I like to get out early and sit a long time. Guess I should just buy one more battery. It does work well though.
  6. SW Nebraska was good to us this year. I didn't score a monster like I did last year. Passed on 3 shooters the first 3 days of 4 1/2. Ended up taking a smaller 8. We did get one real dandy a 152 8pt.
  7. Last year my wife bought me an electric jacket. If I remember right its made by hilti. Due to sore back the last few days I bought a pack of those therma wraps. It was about 8 little hand warmers in a belt. I am definitely going to use them for my next sit.
  8. Thx slim. I know how lucky I am! I have put in some years of hunting and passing on smaller bucks. When this chance came by I had to take it and thankfully closed the deal.
  9. Funny you ask. I sat and Checked cameras today. He's back. along with some other pretty decent bucks. Since 30th they have been moving hard along the creek. Just can't make it out there before the lead starts flying. Hope you can get the brothers on some nice ones. Did Matt get a shot at that big one last night?
  10. I almost did pass on him. Today pulling a portable there was aa 150 and a doe bedded under my stand. In hind sight I would've kicked my own butt for not shooting him. Yep Matt I am going to shoulder mount. Gonna look good next to my Nebraska buck. Then off to Nebraska 9 days from now. Sitting in a blind trying to fill a turkey tag. Thanks fellas for all the congrats. What a monkey off my back.
  11. I am flying high now fellas. Made it to Missouri first sit. I know there are bigger bucks down here but I couldn't pass this guy up for my first buck with a bow. Have been passing for years. On my first sit just at dark he followed in on my scent drag. Was nice and calm taking his time so I never stopped him. I took the shot while he was walking so it was back but I watched him run 40 yds stop and in less than 7 seconds he was expired. Also got a doe on 3rd sit tbis weekend.
  12. Awesome, great buck!! I couldn't pass that either.
  13. Stud- License is $225. Now still not that bad. Badger Tombstone creek sounds like they do a ton of great work and awesome food plots. Paul is supposed to be editing footage and putting a elk hunt I videoed for my brother in law last year in Wyoming. From reading his HSOforum sounds like his customers are repeat customers and they like the work they do. Good Luck, hope to see some great pictures from your hunt.
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