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  1. And we wonder why there's such a baiting and poaching problem going on? For a gross overlimit and wanton waste like this, I would turn in my own mother.
  2. I hunt deer pretty much like I hunt pheasant or grouse. I like a nice clean shot, a quick kill, watch good dog work, etc. The size of the pheasant or color phase of the grouse is not important. Same with deer. I just like seeing deer in the woods and my only criteria is that its a mature animal. I personally think all these hunting shows (horn porn) have ruined deer hunting. "Shooter buck, "harvest" " Nice G-2's, too bad about the sticker" Blah, Blah, Blah. If you put any of these people in the state or national forest land, they would be crying like babies.
  3. Thats what I'm hoping for now....Rain. I got every thing planted so all I need now is water!
  4. Thanks for the replies. That sounds like a good plan Muskie. That way I can take full advantage of the weekend. I am hoping for some rain after Sunday but the forcast doesn't look all that promising. I also have a bunch of pumpkins I am gointo plant out in one the fields for the heck of it. Anyone ever use those as food plot material?
  5. I am heading up to the shack this weekend to work on a food plot. It is the landing area from when they logged our land, is free of vegetaion and is approx 1/2 acre. I have fertilizer (17-17-17) and lime that I want to work into the soil. If I put the the fertilizer and lime down, till it in, could I then go ahead and plant my clover right away? I know it is probably best to wait, but for covieniece and time sake, would it hurt anything? Thanks
  6. Most of the people here have hit the nail on the head. I know that the breeder I'm getting my dog from will only breed master hunters to master hunters and then only if the eyes, teeth and hip are certified excellent. They are truely trying to improve the breed and the quality of their off spring shows. "Ya, I got a XXX that's a pretty good hunter. Ya want to breed her with your XXX? It would be fun to have some pups and we could probably sell'em for 300 bucks a peice." Not the best reason to breed a dog but probably works O.K. for some.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I was just curious because I remember back in the day, they used to say a male was a bigger runner and more agressive but I guess thats probably not the case.
  8. I will be getting a GSP pup in June and I was wondering if there are really that big of differences between males and females as far as training and temperment goes. We have always had females (Brittanies), so it was just assumed that we would get another, but I just got to thinking, whats the difference?
  9. I still want to know how then, can some people go out and shoot 130 class deer every other year in areas that are slug hunted like crazy. I'll tell you how. They scout 12 months of the year, learn the land they hunt, use scent control, and take every precaution they can. I've said it before, there are plenty of monsters out that never get seen let alone shot at. I will probably never shoot something like that unless one stumbles in front of me. I put in time but I'm not obsessed about it and I'm perfectly happy with my deer hunts. We have alot of fun and get some venison to boot. My friends who shoot the big ones are happy too, because they know that with hard work and dedeication, it will pay off. I know that they are not begging the DNR for more regs. Why should they? They don't need them.To shoot a big deer isn't easy. It never will be and it shouldn't be.
  10. I think Picklefarmer has nailed it! Couldn't agree more. Lets face it, we all want to be like Lee and Tiffany or the Drewry boys or whoever on T.V. We think that every year we should shoot a 140 class deer and anything else is a cull buck and anyone who shoots a basket 8 is a dink. Wake up. There is nothing and I mean nothing wrong with what Minnesota has. Example: A friend of mine has killed 4 Pope and young deer in the last 8 years. In Minnesota. Why? He hunts good land and he's a good hunter. His land is intensly hunted during the slug season with no reguard to rack size, but yet, he seams to find them. Find some good land and put in the time and there you go.
  11. I have nothing against trophy hunting at all. I think it's fine, it's just not my top priority when we deer hunt. I also value the the quality of the deer population. Right now we have oportunities to shoot big ones, little ones and everything in between. It's a choice. Obviously from all the photos in Outdoor News, there are plenty of big boys out there. You just have to put in the time. What I don't want to see is a few trophy bowhunters make rules for the majority of all deer hunters. It would be like me saying the only way a grouse, woodcock or pheasant could be shot is over a pointing dog. Thats MY opinion, but I sure wouldn't want everyone else to have to comply.
  12. 52luge


    Here is an amazing link to flashlight reviews http://www.azsj.org/forums/showthread.php?t=13107
  13. 52luge


    Also check out Fenix. I have a PD 30 and I cannot say enough about it. 220 lumens at max. output, 4 different levels plus S.O.S.. I paid 67 bucks delivered, and it comes with a belt holster, extra tailcaps and gaskets and 2 cr123 batteries. Great, great light for the money. Any money for that matter.
  14. All that Horn-Porn on TV is making people dillusional. For Gods sake, can't people just go out and hunt and have fun? No, it's to be g-2 this, cull buck that, Pope and Crockett ,blah blah Blah. I'm waiting for S.D to implement a tail feather restriction on pheasants. If you want to shoot a big buck, great! Put in the time. If you want to shoot a small buck or a doe, great. Just make clean, ethical kills, be curtious to your fellow hunters and be safe. As long as the deer arn't starving, are healthy and arn't overpopulating, I'd say were in fine shape.
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