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  1. I've been using mine as a camper for 6 years. Upgraded to one with A/C and booth table last year. I get allot of guys stopping to ask how well it works and to look at it. Had a few that ran and got their wives to look. Most say that their next camper is going to be a wheelhouse. sfd
  2. sfd

    Babies/Children on ice?

    Spoken like a true baby hater.
  3. sfd

    Babies/Children on ice?

    I took my daughter out when she was only weeks old and my son when he was a few months. Now they're 5 and 4 and super excited for ice fishing. So I'd say do it. SFD
  4. sfd

    permy license holder

    I put mine in the window between the screen and glass. It does fade bad by the end of the season but the DNR officers know that. has anyone found something to stop the fade problem? sfd
  5. sfd

    Used Ice Castle advice please.

    I had one for 6 years with no trouble at all. The frames do get rusty and need painting. Check the pivot points to make sure it goes up and down smooth and that they're greased well. People have had trouble with the angle iron frames but if you don't go boonybashing with it there fine. I'd still have my '06 if it had 4 bunks, I loved that house. SFD
  6. sfd

    Ice Castle bay window cushions

    Milaca unclaimed fright has them but they're around $125. Seams a bit spendy to me. SFD
  7. sfd

    Aerators That Run on 110?

    Goldfish food
  8. sfd

    pulling 6.5x14 ice castle with polaris IRS

    I've heard they work good.
  9. sfd

    do you like your ice castle fish house

    I have an 8x16' v nose ice castle and love it. Yes there are better houses out there but they come with a high price. It comes down to how fancy do you need your surroundings while fishing. I pull mine with a '03 ford explorer with a 4.6L V8 and I wouldn't go with anything smaller.
  10. Thank you. this is the best plans I've seen yet.
  11. sfd

    home smoke house

    I'm looking forward to seeing the plans. I'm hopeing to start building a smokehouse in the next few weeks.
  12. sfd

    DNR:Dont litter on our lakes

    That's a [PoorWordUsage] law. So I can get fined because some slob left cans and a ton of ciggy butts close to my house?
  13. sfd

    ways to get unstuck!

    a BIG hammer
  14. sfd

    First time out with wheelhouse

    Bring a first aid kit