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  1. Yep! OCF1... No Brainer here, that's what I'd go with, any kind of fish right?
  2. Originally Posted By: killerloop1[quote, I've had a Polaris and now a can am. Yes I have favorites but eho don't.Like McGurk SAID, Polaris has the on going threads a lot.. Can-Am! I've never seen one before! What do they look like? They can't break down if their not being sold!!! Hooked
  3. Make sure you read the fine print, I know some warranties will be void if improperly trailered, if your rollers or bunks are not set up on the supports this could be a problem.
  4. Roofer, I agree this post is very fishy. First off, why wouldn't a guy just bring it back to the dealer for warranty work, afterall it is a new machine right. And why would a "honda guy" who had a previous problem with his last Polaris buy another one! I've had 2 Polaris' with no problems. I'm sorry, but the post seems very odd. Not trying to offend anyone, just my opinion.
  5. Originally Posted By: LMITOUTTrue AWD is the proper description and how Polaris describes it also, but the front wheels are not under power during normal driving with no rear-wheel slippage present. That's not true 4WD. Why in the world would I'd need to have 4x4 under normal driving?? Under normal driving I'd much rather be in 2x4. But that's just me. Hooked
  6. I own a 2004 Polaris Magnum with AWD, I was skeptical of the Awd at first, but now having used the system, it is unbelievable. I like the fact that when 4x4 is not needed you dont have the heavy steering other quads have. Also, it is a true 4x4 when it calls for AWD. I've been on glare ice with no chains and the wheeler simply corrects itself straight with no problems getting going. I'm very impressed with Polaris' AWD.
  7. Bought mine in 1995 and still going strong.(hard blue box) Hooked
  8. AAAAA = American Association Against Acronym Abuse Hooked
  9. They run great when their not in the shop. I believe the software updates are pretty much done with except for the higher H.P. motors. Hooked
  10. Lure Lightning works great, but eats up alot of battery juice. Hooked
  11. Anyone who uses crushed glass in the paint, Maynard's makes a good glow jigs IMO. Hooked
  12. 10,000 posts / 730 days = 13.7 posts per day!! Good Grief, Harvey get out of the house a little!
  13. They had them @ the ice show for $859.00 plus tax. Hooked
  14. I've had an Aluma for 3 years and really like it, well built. Hooked
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