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  1. I have a similar issue on my 2000. Once it has warmed up the lights do not work. also will not start? I have to pull start it? But if is sits for a while is starts normal?
  2. Yes the electric mats are a little more, but I will tell you that that warm tile makes a huge difference in that room. We did it 5 years ago and that room is the center point of our home. I only use them when we are home and the cost is not that bad. You will not regret it if you go that route. and as said earlier they are easy to install. Good luck
  3. Dr Juice, I have caught a few over the years and always released. I have been out with friends and some of them give it a belly ach? My question is there a point at which they could over populate a lake and damage it? That was the answer I got when I asked as to why kill it?
  4. Biggerfish

    UTV Heater

    where do you mount these heaters? seem kinda big?
  5. With no modifications? I would hate to have to start buying wheel spacers, lift kits and etc. Thanks for the feedback
  6. 2011 ranger efi 800? Again would it not depend on the type of rims rather than the tire size? Currently I have the factory tires...Need to get something bigger and more aggressive in the snow
  7. Very nice.... Many good times to be had in that
  8. What is the best way to find out how big of tire one can go up to without major modifications to the machine?
  9. This is very interesting..... Government cannot find more pressing issues to waste our tax money on? Regulation in this country is getting out of hand. This is a perfect example of a government getting to big and tripping over a quarter to pick up a dime. I about to build my compound and not let them in ;-)
  10. Great stories.... Memories forever....
  11. "The only time you'll have trouble with the EFI is if your battery goes dead on you. Keep a battery tender on it and it shouldn't be an issue." Sorry I read it that way. Not sure why the battery tender then? No, all Rangers have issues with a battery drain. Even the dealers mentioned to my brother in law when he brought his in under warranty and had the battery replaced. This switch I put in fixed my issue but only after I replaced my battery.
  12. Why does the EFI cause the battery to go dead? I believe it as I had to install a manual cut off on mine so it would not drain the battery. Now I question if this is the right thing to do? Is there a reason the EFI needs power when not in use?
  13. Yes, I will talk with them before I jump in and buy my own. With talking with the other cabin owners in the area most own their own? I missed the "Perhaps, as was eluded to, they'll drop the 800 gal minimum" you speak of? Thanks for the feedback.
  14. 1 - windshield 2 - canvas cab for the winter. Hard cab if you can afford 3 - radio 4 - tracks in that order
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