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  1. BigSkyCatMan

    CATS Incredible 2009, Red River, East Grand Forks.

    Hey Hanson, it was good to see you again this past weekend. Hope you like your new rod that Jake sold you too... should be good for the Red.
  2. BigSkyCatMan

    New ND state record Channel!

    Backwater, It is my understanding that it is very, very rare for channel cats to lay there eggs in a small lake. Everything that I have read states that they would actually just start to consume their own eggs. Who knows.... Is this preliminary report coming from FWP?
  3. BigSkyCatMan

    New ND state record Channel!

    Is that even possible? Wow... that is amazing!! Anybody have other reports of big cats coming out of Moon Lake over the past few years?
  4. BigSkyCatMan

    CATS Incredible 2009, Red River, East Grand Forks.

    Well the big tourney is just around the corner! I am making a return this year... stepping in and replacing my bro's wife. (team #134) Looking forward to a good time.
  5. BigSkyCatMan

    Catfish Insider 2009

    Well.. if it is true and In-Fisherman is not putting one out this year. I find that very disappointing and I feel a little bit robbed. The truth is.. it has been a few years since In-fisherman has given the time to the catfish angler anyway. I wasn't too impressed with the past couple of years issues so maybe I shouldn't be that disappointed. They probably would have just re-hashed something or published one of their articles from an in-fisherman magazine in the late 1990's. They did finally release the 3rd book in the critical concept series, which is nice, it was just two years later than they had reported.
  6. Well.......... I have spent my whole life growing up in Montana, but I recently took a teaching position in Wyoming and will be splitting my fishing time up between the two states now. So you can bet I will be posting frequently.
  7. BigSkyCatMan

    Catfish rods

    Hanson, I was pretty dissapointed to hear that they were discontinuing "The Boss" series of cattin rods. This is the second design of Jim Moyer developed rods to not make it on the market. (the other being Berkley's E-Cat) I am just amazed that the catfish population out there cannot support an upper-end catfish rod series. I sure hope someone gives it one more shot. hint hint: St. Croix.
  8. BigSkyCatMan

    8th Annual Milk River Catfish Classic

    Yeah even with the high water it should be a good time had by all! This tournament has grown by leaps and bounds the last eight years. This will be the first year the classic will ever be fished in high water, which should be interesting to say the least. Because I run this tournament I will not be participating in it. There should be plenty of teams covered from head to toe in mud this weekend. I am thinking with the water levels, it should have provided plenty of opportunity for the big cats to move up the river. Now we will just have to see if someone can come up with the right tactics in these conditions. Forecast is calling for 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday so that would be a positive. I'm glad you decided to take the trek Hanson! Hopefully it can become an annual event for you.
  9. BigSkyCatMan

    Yellowstone River-MT

    Stu- The weekend wasn't quite as impressive as my two trips up to your place but I definately am not complaining. People just wouldn't believe the catfishing opportunities we have over here.
  10. BigSkyCatMan

    Cabelas King Kat Pro - Selling out

    It is just typical of a quality catfish rod these days. Cabelas will no longer be designing and selling these type of rods. They will continue with the regular king kats, but these rods are not at the same level as the pros are. That makes atleast four high-quality rods off the shelf in less than five years. (St. Croix Classic Cat, Berkley E-Cat, HT Enterprises Ol' Whiskers Pro, and the Cabelas King Kat Pro.) I sure wish we could generate a little more interest for these type of catfish specific rods to keep the big companys interested!! Anybody else feel this is a sour deal??
  11. BigSkyCatMan

    CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    That is pretty impressive Rusty. The catfish gods must have decided they needed a rod and reel straight across for that head I guess.
  12. BigSkyCatMan

    Big League Tourney - Next Saturday

    Just wondering if any of you out there will be competing in the Red River Valley Catfish League end of the year tournament in East Grand Forks next Saturday - the 22nd?? We have a couple of teams making the trek over from Montana, should be a blast once again!
  13. BigSkyCatMan

    Looking for Ol' Whiskers Pro rods by HT Enterprises.

    Yes they are different. Those are Ol' Whiskers. The ones I am looking for are the Ol' Whiskers PRO. HT Enterprises does not make the Pro series anymore.
  14. I am interested in any new or used Ol' Whiskers Pro rods out there. These rods are made by HT Enterprises, and were discontinued a few years back. I am particularly interested in a 7 FOOT, MEDIUM HEAVY CASTING (2-piece). However, I might be able to find a use for just about any size you might have. I am willing to pay a fair price! If there are any out there, post on this board, or send me an e-mail at [email protected]
  15. It should be a blast for all those involved this year. We have 52 teams signed up, with just a few days left go!! In the meantime Rusty, you might have to think about making a trip over to Montana sometime in the future when the gas prices calm down. We could set you up on some untapped cat waters over here. (It could be a little River Pro celebration!)