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  1. Thanks!! I'll do a little research on it.
  2. I've never seen a turkey like this one. Have some of you more experienced turkey nuts??
  3. That is cool looking buck Pointer. Can't wait to see what he does from here on out.
  4. hert2005


    Only took a couple pics on my cell phone. Probably could figure out a way to post them if you really want to see it. Not a beast by any means but he'll taste good once he gets out of the smoker.
  5. hert2005


    It turns out turkeys do move in the snow and they like it even better when you clear out a spot so they can scratch around. Got my first bird at 10:00 am this morning. Thanks for the tip Don Bo.
  6. hert2005


    I'm pretty new to this fantastic sport and in fact haven't harvested a turkey in 3 years of trying so I don't have the experience that a lot of the hunters in the forum have. Any opinions on what 6-8 inches of snow will do to bird activity? I have a couple of Toms that have been fairly consistent with where they feed and roost. I have an ambush point set up but wonder if the snow will mess up their pattern. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  7. First time we have this guy on camera. Had small plots out and some bigger deer have discovered them.
  8. You can't see it without zooming in, but this one has split brow tines.
  9. Have never found a shed, but I have something to motivate me.
  10. Easy, just steal the camera. Just got back from checking SD cards and a nice moultrie 65 is GONE. Size 9-10 boot. Also tried to get the blind that was frozen down and took the stool that was tucked inside the blind. This is on private property near Monticello and is the 2nd camera that has been stolen. Both times the thieves had more than a 1/4 mile walk in and the most recent one is tucked well into the woods. I am not a happy camper right now.
  11. Appreciate the thoughts. You are probably right Bear. I tried to limit my movement in the area, but the sightings aren't there the last 3 days, and I did stumble upon an area with 7-8 beds. Probably pushed them or they decided it was safer in the dark. Going to have to take a stab in the dark tomorrow. Better than sitting on the couch though. If nothing else I got a lay of the land and if I get permission again next year, I'll have a better understanding. Thanks again!
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