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  1. Hemlock - Is it ok for Americans to buy beer we will consume in Canada at the duty free store in Fort Francis after we cross the border? Thanks.
  2. I know that we cannot take fresh potatoes accross the border - how about sweet potatoes or yams? Thanks.
  3. Anyone been to Ghost River Camp near Sioux Lookout, Ontario? If you have been there, will you return? Would you recommend it? Any tips? Thanks.
  4. Our group is considering making a reservation at North Lake Lodge on Longlegged Lake. Have you been there? If so, please share your thoughts, pro or con. Thanks.
  5. I know it is prohibited to take raw potatoes into Canada. How about frozen hash browns, is that ok? Thanks.
  6. We are going to Lake St. Joe this month and I know we can't take raw potatoes accross the Canadian border. How about frozen hash browns? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the information guys. Everyone agrees about the rocks. There is not so much agreement about the quality of the fishing - not surprising since everyone is there at a different time. Our group of ten is going to give it a shot in August and then I'll add my opinion. Thanks again.
  8. Our group is strongly considering going to the Old Post & Village on Lake St. Joseph, Ontario in late summer. If you have been there, would you recommend it? Any information about the lake and/or the resort will be appreciated.
  9. Thanks to you both. I'll follow up on Hayward Bait. I know nothing about northern Wisconsin lakes but Eagle River, Hayward or Manitowish areas look like possible areas. We are old guys and enjoy fishing where it is relatively warm. I'll appreciate any suggestions.
  10. Six seniors from Iowa looking for a resort in Northern Wisconsin that has lodging and will rent a heated, permanent ice shack for 6. Appreciate any leads you can give me. I have Rick's permission to ask on this forum. Thanks
  11. DickUrban

    Minor Traveling to Canada ??

    I would suggest you go one step further. My eleven year old grandson has gone to Canada with his father (my son) and I for the last two years. Both father and son have carried copies of a notarized letter of permission from the wife/mother stating that her son (named) will be with her husband(named); where & when they are going and when they will return and telephone numbers where she could be reached. They were ask for the letter at the MSP airport on the way north two years ago (and they also questioned the boy by himself) - not on the way back. Last year (driving accross at Pembina) they were not asked but were asked on the way back. Both Canadian and U.S. customs are very concerned about children who are not accompanied by both parents. You may not be asked, but it is easy to obtain insurance.
  12. Thanks Dr. J. I would like to call you. Please email your telephone # to me at and I will call you. Please tell me what time of day is a good time to call. We have been to a number of fly ins in Manitoba and Ontario in the past but this is our first trip to St. Joe. Thanks again.
  13. Heading for Old Post & Village, north of Savant Lake, ON later this month. Have any of you fished there? How about a report?
  14. DickUrban

    Pigeon River Border Crossing

    Thanks Hemlock. I did call and was told Pigeon River is not classified as a remote site and border crossing procedures are identical to International Falls.
  15. We are headed through Thunder Bay to Lake St. Joseph next month. From what I see on the internet, the Pigeon River border crossing looks as if it is classified as a remote port of entry. Is that true? Do we need a CANPASS or does this border crossing require the same procedures as International Falls? Thanks.