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    Muzzy 2018

    I put a blind up the week before muzzy opener for the boy and I to sit in at the same spot we sat the last day of gun season. We got out to the blind in the dark about a half hour before shooting time on opening morning. I was not sure how he would be walking into the woods in the dark but he had his headlamp and was a champ about it. We got situated and layed out the snacks and drinks and got ready. I didn't expect to sit more than a couple hours. I got the blind windows open and we waited. I was excited to hear him spot all the "deer" that we all see when the woods wakes up. This is my absolute favorite time to be in the woods. There's just something about being there when everything comes to life. He saw plenty of crazy things in the dark which all turned out to be stumps, branches, and weeds. About 7:30 a doe and fawn came by us. I again asked him if he wanted me to shoot and reminded him that we could shoot any deer. He again said he wanted a buck. A few minutes later another doe came by from the other direction and we both had a good time watching the action. Even though we were in the blind I used the opportunity to help him understand when you can move when there are deer nearby. After that he decided he was tired and curled up in the chair. I don't think he slept but I knew he was getting bored. About 8:15 he sits back up and asks how much longer and I tell him an hour. He's not all that enthused by that answer but accepts it. It's getting close to 9 and he's ready to head to the truck. I keep trying to stretch it out as long as I can but know we don't have much more time sitting. I'm looking out my side of the blind and he's watching his when all of the sudden he says "there's a buck". I look over and sure enough there's a deer standing 50 yards away broadside looking at us because he forgot to whisper. I asked him if he was sure it was a buck and he says " yeah and it's a nice one". I said ok, I'm shooting. Somehow the deer didn't spook and just started walking down the trail again. I got him to stop and took a shot. The deer takes off and we sit in silence for a minute or so. I look over at him and he's got the biggest grin and says " I told you we'd see a buck". I gave him a big hug and said I'm not sure how well I hit the deer and there's no certainty that he's hit at all. After 5 more minutes I went to the spot he was standing and looked and nothing. No blood. No hair. Everyone's had that feeling that's hunted but this time it was different. It felt like I let him down after all that. The shot felt good and I settled the crosshairs right on the shoulder. I go back to the blind and sit down with him and explain that I didn't find any blood but didn't want to go further and risk kicking him up. He tells me not to worry and that if I missed that one we'll just wait for another even if it takes all day. Another hug and I said let's both go over there and take a look. We start down the trail following tracks when the flood gate open up and he starts spraying blood. At this point we stopped and I explained that we know we hit him so let's sit down and give him a little more time to make sure we don't kick him up. We start back down the trail only to find him piled up 40 yards down just out of sight from the blind. We ease up to him to make sure he's dead and then get to take a look. I let the boy go up and grab him first since he spotted him. Again he says "daddy, I told you we'd get a good buck". He wasn't a huge buck or anything that I'd put on the wall but he was bigger than I expected. I haven't shot any wall worthy deer but thought about it for a couple minutes with this one. I'm the end I elected to just do a European. And of course a picture of him and I next to it. This was one of those moments where I couldn't believe things worked out perfectly. Him and I put a couple cameras out on this land in mid fall and got pictures of a bunch of bucks including this one. And I swear I had a dream the night before with this exact buck walking in from that same direction. It had had been a very trying year for me and this was something so perfect to close out the year that words can't describe. Now he's saying he needs a bow. I'm guessing Santa has already heard that request and is working on getting that order filled. This isn't the best picture and doesn't show how nice a buck he is but it's my favorite.
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    How Would You Handle This.

    Well I couldn’t make it over there yesterday, so my son went over today after school to tell her thank you but he’s going to take his stand down. After a 30 mins conversation with her, he now gained bow hunting, shotgun hunting and turkey season next spring. She told him that he has permission as does the other gentleman and don’t worry about it. This is where it gets good. Cole went out to his stand and guess who shows up asking what he’s doing. The other “kid”. Asking why he is back out there, Cole explained to him that he talked with the land owner and sees no reason why they both can’t be out there. The guy stormed off. So I called him a while ago.....yes the first 15 mins were not some of my best moments, but I finally was able to get to the bottom of his problem. He’s never shot a deer, he’s never shot anything and only took up hunting 3 years ago. Whoever has been “coaching” him has given him some very bad information. Told him things that I’ve never even heard of. So I told him not only will we help set you up, but we will move your stands into good spots, I will hang a double set if wanted and either myself or my son would be glad to sit with you and help walk you through the first time, video tape it and even offered to let him come sit in my ground blind on my field and get him a shot a doe any night. We are all meeting tomorrow night so i can go over some maps with him and show him where I would put my stands at if I were him. I told Him instead of running my son off who could a complete asset to him, learn from him. He might be only 15 but he’s a wealth of knowledge and loves everything about hunting, not just the killing part. He just wants to be in the woods and help others. Looks like a bad situation may turn into a good one. I hope at some point this fall I can post a picture of my son guiding this gentleman to his first archery deer.
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    Battling Bucks

    Early morning bucks playing around in the back yard.
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    Tic Toc- I'm Ready To Leave

    Well Day 2 was a complete bust. Warm temps and high winds along with a full moon kept any daytime movement to a minimum at best. Onto the next. Day 3 we got plenty of rest the night before and we’re ready to hit hard. We started off on the bluff where Cole had got his cow and before we could even sit down we had 3 cows at 600 yards heading at us. We lost sight around 500 and figured they would move right up the draw around 200 yards away. They didn’t follow our plan and disappeared forever. Around 10am we had some animals above us. We could hear hooves on the bluffs but never saw them. We had lunch around noon and then started still hunt ridge to ridge. Around 130pm we were on a sharp drop of when son says ELK! We immediately hit the ground as they were only 100 yards almost straight below us on steep bluff. We belly crawled to the edge and looked into the timber. We could then only see one standing looking straight away from into the wind. I slide my rifle up in front of me and placed the cross hairs behind the shoulder. My first opportunity at a Bull ever. Cole had him in the binos when I pulled the trigger. Not needed. He dropped right in his tracks. Cole tackled me and both erupted in laughter. Both of us total rookies had filled our elk tags 3 days into the season. Not sure if we are good or just plain lucky but either way it’s been an unbelievable experience. Now we had some serious work ahead of us. We literally had to pack him out an almost straight up vertical cliff. I have one really bad knee...all those years of jumping out of airplanes in the military have taken a toll on my knees. We each grab a rear quarter and made the first trek out. When we got back I was hurting. Cole said sit down Dad. I got this!! He then hauled out both fronts and loins in one haul. Went back down for the head and did that too. As I sat and watched him I was overcome with emotion. How did I get so lucky in raising such a grateful and helpful young man! He got back up to me and we both broke down in tears and hugged for about 15 mins. What an experience we’ve had. The effort and hard work you go through on these hunts is like nothing else. It’s been the best we could of asked for and then some. We took the morning off while my buddy went back out. We did some scouting this afternoon and think we found a herd for tomorrow to go after with him along with trying to fill our deer tags. More to come
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    Nm Elk

    Got back from NM on Sunday. We had a great trip. Never found any truly huge ones but saw some pretty good ones that would make me more than smile. We were going to hunt for 7 days and on day 4 I shot a little guy that gave me too easy of an opportunity to pass up. The morning of day 7 my buddy shot his bull. Both were called in with mine coming to cow calls and his coming to very aggressive bugling- my favorite! The two smallest bulls in New Mexico but we're happy!
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    Thanks guys. Your kind words means alot to me and my family. This was definitely a place dad could go and start writing to help take his mind off of the numerous Doctor visits and the rounds of chemotherapy. He was a fighter and fought a long 2 1/2 year Battle with cancer but in the end the cancer took him away from us too soon. As I look threw his writings I see alot of fictional and non-fictional writings but alot was so relavent to what was going on in his everyday life. This was the world that he created. My dad was such a gifted author, I know he talked about writing a book on the waters of lakeiwanttobethere but towards the end he just didn't have the strength to get that project under way. But he does have his stuff here and I'm so thankful that I can read it. Brings back alot of memories. Once again thank you everyone for your kind words. I attached some pictures I took today after his service of the den with his fishing poles and pictures of the fishing trips on the wall and a picture of us some 15 years ago on a trip we went on, so many great memories..
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    Persistence Pays off

    This was the last morning my son and I could go out. We are glad we did. We took yesterday morning off as I needed to work and we were both dog tired from getting up at 4:00 Friday thru Monday. We had seen birds almost everyday but getting close was challenging. It seemed like the birds on this property really like to stay in the woods. So Monday when we left late morning I put the blind in the middle of the woods on a ridge top/pinch point where a couple mowed trails crossed. We heard birds in here both Saturday and Sunday morning and we could get in pretty quietly on the mowed trails. Kind of bold move as we knew we would be close to the roost and could bust them out but with this being the last day and I could only hunt for a couple hours it was worth the move. We got in pretty quietly about 4:50. I set up a hen and jake at about 15 yards. At 5:00 on the dot we had one gobble about 100 yards right in front of us. Perfect! he was pretty vocal. he was sounding off about 1 a minute. I was going to wait until about 5:15 as it was dark in the woods before I gave any soft clucks. About 5:10 a hen started clucking and she was really close. Maybe 50 yards but with the thick leaves we could not see her. Again perfect, I did not need to call as she was doing it for us. For the next 10-15 minutes every time he would gobble she would answer. It was kind really cool! Meanwhile we had others around us start gobbling. I seriously think this morning was one of the most vocal I have heard all season. We were trying to keep track. We think we had 7 different gobbles going in all directions. Guessing they were all within 1/4 mile. Kind of odd as we were here Monday Morning and only heard a couple a long ways way. About 5:30 the hen had been quiet for awhile so I gave a couple really soft clucks and a Tom Roared back from within 50 yards up in the tree. He must have been near the hen. Fun to see my son's eye almost pop out of my head. That dude was close! I gave a couple more, probably should not have as everything went silent. So I did as well. About 5:35 we heard 3 sets of wings fly down and away. Bummer. We sat silent for about 10 minutes. I was thinking of making a move to get in front of those birds when a 3-4 started gobbling to our right 2-300 yards. I clucked back and they answered every time and were slowly working closer. I think they were in the field but we were in the woods. Suddenly another one gobbled behind about 200 yards. My son wanted to move closer to him but I said we are in a good spot, a pinch point. And with birds responding we needed to be patient and see how it plays out a little longer. About 5:45 I gave a couple loud cuts and another gobble sounded back in front of us. The first Toms were coming back! Suddenly we spotted them at abut 75 yards. A hen, a Jake and 2 Toms and they were crossing in front of us but were not headed our way. So I gave a couple soft clucks. Both Toms puffed up, Roared, looked our way and as soon as they saw the decoys they sprinted up to them. Happened really fast! They again puffed up and circled the hen. I told Jake to wait for one to stop moving and then I clucked to get one to stick his neck out, as he did Jack dropped him ion his tracks! The other Tom trotted off a few yards and then came back to jump on him. Would have been an easy double! Jack's first Tom and a nice one to boot! Almost identical to the one I dropped a few weeks ago. 22 lbs, 9 1/4 beard. 1/2 spurs. Needless to say he was kind of pumped!
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    Black Hills Adventure

    Friend Jeremy (Archery Sniper) and I spent a few days in the Black Hills near Sturgis this week and had a great time. He lucked into a big flock the first morning and ended up taking his first Merriam's. It took a couple days to learn some of their habits, along with a couple of "missed" opportunities before I was able able to put my tag on one. We even had time for a little sightseeing before we had to make the long drive home. All in all, it was a great adventure in some absolutely beautiful country.
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    Ne 2019

    This spring started off great. So far we have 10 birds down in camp with one more out hunting today. 7 birds with bow for archery only and this last Saturday was youth weekend. One kid tagged two birds one shot and filled two of his tags on opening morning. Then last night the girl put her bird down after many close calls with dad. Was a blast having the kids come down and join us after some long grueling out hunts all week. First called in a bird for my buddy on our first morning, Shot at 7:15. Then I finally worked over a couple birds around 930 and took one of the two. First bird with the new bow this spring. Next morning I took in another from our group and called in a bird for him around 8:30. Our birds were on the lite side this year , the kids birds were heavier. I tried hard to get my old man a bird but they just would not work out. Had chances and some real close calls. I went run and gun on Tuesday morning and was able to take my 2nd bird without the blinds. I would rather hunt this way then locking myself to a blind. You can still run and gun hunt with a bow.
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    Opening Day

    My oldest son took a nice doe this morning. Let his little brother track her. It was fun to watch!!
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    Just Food and Drink

    Shore lunch on Basswood Lake. Fish, potatoes, onions and sliced polished sausage.
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    I used my canoe this year to access a remote area that payed off! I am truly grateful and humbled by this experience!!!
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    Just Food and Drink

    Really wanted to do these outside but the oven will have to do. Bacon, onion shroom cheese burger stuffed peppers. A dash of of garlic, gourmet burger seasoning a another dash of Montreal seasoning and cheese . These were really good!!
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    Time for a smoke

    Well.... after 12 months of debating it, and 6 months of having the seasoning - I finally decided to give buck board bacon a try. I ended up using the High Mountain cure on a 6# butt roast. The box of cure will do 25# and comes with 3 packets of seasoning. I portioned out the seasoning based on my size, removed the bone, rubbed on the cure and put the roast in a vac bag. I turned the bag on day 5 and pulled the meat out of the bag on day 10. I soaked the roast for an hour in cold water to level out the cure. This gave me the desired saltiness. I let it sit in the fridge over night and smoked it the next day @ 225 on the pellet grill. I was planning on only bringing the meat to 145 deg internal temp, but I missed the thermo alarm and ended up cooking to 160. So, the end product is more like ham and less like bacon. Either way, it turn out awesome and the kids ate the sh!t out of it! After smoking I let it sit in the fridge over night so that the smoke could set in. I sliced it by hand since it was only a single roast and my slicer is a pain to clean so the slabs got a little thick (~1/4"). Next time I am going to do a couple more butts and also try making some canadian bacon out of pork loin. For the cost and taste, I am going to have a hard time making store-bought bacon again! Now that I know the cure is good, now comes the fun part of messing with additional flavors. I did crack some black pepper on one of the smaller chunks. Next time I am thinking brown sugar or maple syrup.
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    Tic Toc- I'm Ready To Leave

    Day 1. We got back into my favorite spot around 615am...waited on the trail until sun up, plenty of bear sign around we didn’t want to push it. Legal shooting was about 715. Not very many hunters out here this year. One local told us it’s due to the bears...anyways we sat til about 10 then starting moving ridge to ridge. Didn’t see anything. I may have taken a small nap after lunch for a few mins according to my son. Around 1pm we moved to cliff edge where we could see out around 300 yards and sat until dark. About 430pm mulie does moved past us...probably 20 of them. Then all was quiet until 530 when I thought I heard a cow. My son then says ELK!! 3 cows were 40 yards from us but with the timber he couldn’t get a shot off. They then bolted back to where they came from which was a big clearing. Cole looked at me and said can I go look...I said ya... you crest the top and I will call and see if we can get them to stop. He disappeared from sight and i let off a small cow call and the woods erupted with cows making all kinds of noise and half hearted bugle. I was waiting with anticipation for what comes next. I hear his rifle bark and then a flash of orange on the cliff above me....huge grin and I nailed hear. He waited for about 5 mins never saw the bull come out, there was 30 cows in the field and he got a dandy. Elk down on day 1 of his first elk trip. We gave each other a huge hug and some high fives! Then the work began. Finally made it back to camp around 10pm. We are worn out and ready to get back out in the morning to find that bull! Stay tuned it’s been everything we could ask for and it’s just beginning!
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    Time for a smoke

    8 hours later done! Lots of tasty pulled pork for this weekend!
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    Time for a smoke

    From this! To this! Brought this into the yard looking for somethin to eat!
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    Sell Me On A New Gas Grill

    Figured I'd loop back on this with an update. I ended up getting the Weber Spirit 3 burner. Picked it up at Ace Hardware. Its the same price everywhere ($449) but Ace will assemble it, deliver it, and haul away the old one for no charge. Bought it Saturday morning had it sitting on the back patio by 3pm that same afternoon. I ended up looking at a lot of grills including many brands of gas grills, pellet grills, and some charcoal grills. There were some other gas grills that I liked, they looked to be made solidly from good materials and they came at a decent price. However, they all lacked a decent warranty. The webers use less stainless steel than some of the others and I'm not 100% sure what the china production will do to the quality and longevity of a Weber but they do come with the best warranty that I saw. I believe grates and flavorizer bars have a 5 year warranty and everything else has a 10 year warranty. Customer service and part availability was also a big selling point. Weber parts look to be easily available and if you do end up having to replace the grate, flavorizer bars, and burners it will only set you back $150 which should get you many more years out of the grill. I let my almost 3 year old son pick the color since he came with to help pick it out. I couldn't argue with his choice of red. It is clearly the fastest looking grill, now I just need to add a racing stripe.
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    eyeguy 54

    Treated Myself Today

  20. 7 points
    featherslayer 1

    MN Opener

    Well did my home work again this spring, had 7 Tom's within 20 yrds. The one I took was 8 yrds from me, oh did I forget to mention I had over 100 birds on this 80 acre piece. The woods come alive around 610 am. Now to get ready for a walleye tourney the 26 and 27. Good luck to all my hunting buds.
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    Walleye Replica

    Last summer my son caught a 30.5" walleye on a local lake. It was a hot day so we put it back pretty quickly. We decided to surprise him with a Replica. Fiber Tech out of Nisswa did an amazing job! Only took 6 weeks once I made the call. I will use them again.
  22. 7 points
    eyeguy 54

    3 Finches

    First time seeing these 3 on the feeder at one time. Pretty neat. Goldie, house and pine siskin.
  23. 7 points

    Arizona Elk!

    10 long years we've been building up bonus points. Just got notice it's official, we drew! Pretty darned excited about it. Time to get in shape.
  24. 7 points

    Time for a smoke

    Well.... here it is in all its glory. A fair amount of work and time, but still worth it. I forgot to count the number of packages, but there is a bunch... 3/4 of a garbage bag worth. Regarding HM vs Tenderquick- I think that I will go TQ next time. The salt taste and texture is just “different”. I did rub down one of the butts with real maple syrup before I smoked it and it added a nice hint of extra sweetness. I think that I over cooked the Canadian bacon a bit, but it was still good. Next time I want to try making a Cajun and jalapeño flavors.
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    Jerky Recipes And Cooking Methods?

    10 lbs of pork loin swimming in marinade.
  26. 7 points

    Spring Wood Duck Drake Eye Candy

    I have a group of bachelor drakes on the pond this year. The pond water level is high so there is flooded timber. A great combo for photography.
  27. 7 points

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    I am also hoping that this year is the start of a new tradition. I have been a slug hunter out near Herman since I was 12 (25 years) but this year my step-dad bailed on us suddenly after hunting with him for those 25 years. Since it was his land/contacts that we hunted, it left me and my 2 sons (17 & 14) without a place to hunt. At first I was quite upset that he bailed on us (the day before the antlerless lottery was due) but then I stumbled into 40 acres of cheap land up by Warroad that I now own. It's some nasty thick brushland with some Birch, Tamarack and Black Spruce mixed in and it's going to be tough hunting this year but it's ours. We only got one small trail in and one stand up, but it's a start. I don't expect much this year since we haven't had much time to prepare but hope my boys get a chance at something. This year we are staying in a pop-up, it's going to be cold, but it should be a fun time regardless. I picked up a couple 30-06's for my boys. Couldn't afford 3, so I still be slinging slugs. Hopefully this time next year it will have taken shape and year 2 of our new tradition will feature a bunk house, some trails and stands.
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  29. 7 points
    eyeguy 54

    Caught Some Air

  30. 6 points

    What's on the grill

    On the pellet grill! Can't wait to dig in
  31. 6 points
    My son has had the luck so far...
  32. 6 points

    Just Food and Drink

    Double Gloucester with Blue Stilton topped ribeye.
  33. 6 points

    What's on the grill

    Asian zing wings n philly cheese steak stuffed peppers. Sliced up chuck eye and all the fixings. Not sure why momma used sliced cheese but who am I to argue..
  34. 6 points

    Just Food and Drink

    Huevos Rancheros
  35. 6 points

    Jerky Recipes And Cooking Methods?

    1st time trying the pork loin. Just a small 1/2 loin to try it out. Used the soy sauce, Worcestershire, ginger recipe. I also cut pretty thick. Fingers crossed.
  36. 6 points

    Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar eclipse from last night. Camera gear didn’t want to work the best but managed to get a few decent shots still. Was expecting the moon to appear more red to the eye but the camera is always better at picking up the color.
  37. 6 points

    Jerky Recipes And Cooking Methods?

    Changed it up this weekend. Freshly minced garlic, onion and ginger instead of out of the shaker and 4 tbs of sugar, no pepper. I used more onion, 1/2 large onion for 12 lbs of pork. I used apple wood again. I like it. Had to stay home for work this weekend, Now I am ready to get back out on the ice with a supply of essentials.
  38. 6 points

    2005 Wheelhouse Update

    I recently ripped out the disgusting old carpet from my wheelhouse and replaced it with an engineered snap together floor. Love the final look! Spent under $150. Put a 1/4 inch sheet of insulation under it. Bring on driveable ice! First pic is the before, then the install, then finished product.
  39. 6 points

    Where Ya Opening The Season

    Not a monster, but pretty good for the northern hard woods! I should add these pictures are field dressed. He is a pretty big bodied deer
  40. 6 points

    Show Your Orange Motley Crew.

    Here is 2018,
  41. 6 points

    Just Food and Drink

    Shot me a big foot over the weekend, Leech should be able to walk to his stand without looking behind him now. Ground feetloaf got the first call!!
  42. 6 points

    What's on the grill

    Kielbasa chunks wrapped with bacon and a brown sugar glaze at the end. Football season is great!
  43. 6 points

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Filled my my Montana deer tag during my trip.
  44. 6 points

    Montana Archery Elk 2018 By Cheetah

    At this point we had one full day and one morning left to hunt. No more elk moved into the drainage behind camp. By some miracle a cow and spike did come back to the hillside we had elk on that first evening, but neither Dad or I could get in position quick enough before they went back over the fence. All added up we had 2 very good opportunities, and one decent, which by our standards and past experience in general OTC type units was a pretty decent week of elk hunting even though no elk were killed. We learned a lot about the unit and a potential better way to access the landlocked area behind us via a possible easement logging road, but we have to confirm that with the forest service at a later date. You might be wondering what happened with our whitetail tags. We had numerous run-ins with deer on an almost daily basis. There were at least three occasions where does would feed right into camp, and it got to a point I kept my bow in the cook shack to try to shoot out of it as a blind. They never stuck around long enough though to actually get a shot off. Dad sat his tree stand a number of times above camp as he came down at sunset with enough time to sit in a tree for a half hour or so, but the deer always seemed to pass through the spots he could not shoot or see. One time he climbed down to two deer staring at him from within range, he just did not see them coming... Almost every evening we walked down the road behind camp we would kick up a deer or two bedding in the quakeys, but as the week progressed they clearly became more skittish of us. I also tried hunting back down the gravel road and found some good spots where they crossed the road and creek, which if I actually focused on sitting over with a treestand I feel I could have shot a deer, but I wanted an elk more... Our Elk B tags are good through rifle season, as are the deer tags. If the stars align and my wife allows I might make a run back out. I have an acquaintance in the area that I am checking with to see if he might be interested. I hope Scoot and ArcherySniper come back to report better luck on their hunts.
  45. 6 points

    Duffman solo in pics

    The Mrs and I along with the hound spent last week up north at the lake for few days and then boat camping for a few more. Chamois makes sure we don't leave her at home.
  46. 6 points

    Canning time

    23 qts of pickles. 7 on top have thia peppers in for some heat.
  47. 6 points

    Canning time

    Cookin salsa, drinking beer, listening to rock and roll. Don't get no better then that!
  48. 6 points

    2018 gardens

    Love this time of year
  49. 6 points

    What's more aggravating?

    Started this topic a couple weeks ago after hooking into some toothy critter, a couple head shakes and it was starting to come up when I realized my canoe was drifting into the underwater point. As I was backing off the drag a tad and keeping tension with my right hand while paddling backwards with my left, I think the fish finally realized it was hooked, dove under the canoe, spun me around and peeled off drag into the weedline where it dislodged the crankbait. Arrrgh, it's all fine and dandy that it got off, but I just wanted to see what it was and how big. It could have been either a Pike or Muskie. My canoe is around 34 lbs, so I get taken for rides with decent sized fish, and I'm always surprised how far it moves on a hookset. Bigger fish seem to have more control of me than I of them. Last evening I hooked into a decent fish and it went deep, of course my first thought is "Let me see it." After taking me for a couple minute spin in 17ft of water she came up to greet me. Not a monster, but approaching 10 lbs......which is a nice size for a city fish.
  50. 6 points


    Been having a tough time getting out. Spent 2 days in Wisconsin with the shotgun. A couple encounters but both hung up out of range. Got out with the bow this morning in MN. An absolutely enchanting morning. Had a Tom engaged at 5:30. 5 Hours of gobbling, Phfft-ing, strutting, and staying just out of range or behind brush & trees. Finally stepped to where I could get a clear shot off.

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