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Ended up fishing the south access near "the lodge" I think?....drilled some holes on a hump from 11-29 feet(prolly 100 or so feet from the houses close to the access) and fished the deeper side for several hours w/ only a perch biting, didn't mark any fish. About 1pm I drove a little further out and went inbetween two groupings of houses(prolly 400 feet or so from the closest house) and found 19' of water...was an odd feeling to be able to see the bottom through the ice holes! Watched fish and dodged the perch bites till I couldnt see bottom anymore and managed 3 walleyes and lost a lure to a huge northern...Made for a fun evening being able to see bottom and watch the perch scatter when an eye came in...and it was crazy watching that northern snag my line 'bout 10 feet down...quite a battle for 2 mins till be bit through my line...all in all I'm gonna go back and try again on that spot for a full day....

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