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E-tech vs Optimax vs 4-strokes

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I had a dealer tell me that motors like E-tech and Optimax are the way of the future for outboards and that 4 strokes will become less popular.

I guess the new model 2 strokes like the ones I mentioned, he called them "direct injected motors", actually burn cleaner than some 4 strokes. Plus the whole weight issue with the 4-strokes.

Is he out of whack, or telling the truth?

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I think he's stretching it a bit when he says they're way of the future ......... but I agree with the school of thought that for "big" motors DFI engines are the way to go over 4-strokes, for performance, fuel economy, engine weight, etc. I put an Optimax 175 on my boat after also considering a 4-stroke, and would make the same choice today for that horsepower motor. If I had a smaller motor like a 90 hp or smaller it would be a 4-stroke.

The gaps in all areas between DFIs and 4-strokes have narrowed. 4-strokes used to be more fuel efficient but DFI engines have improved greatly and in many cases now are MORE fuel efficient than 4-strokes. 4-strokes used to be slow and way underperforming compared to 2-strokes but they have improved greatly in holeshot and top end speed in recent years and this really isn't a concern any more.

I think both kinds of motors have their place and will be around for a long time.

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You know I asked the local guy at a marine shop I frequent while dreaming of bigger boats. He told me about the same thing at PerchJerker.

He broke it into 3 groups

Less than 50 HP, he would go 4 Stroke all the way

50 to 115 HP, he would go either way, E-Tec or 4 stroke

Above 115 HP, he reccomended the E-Tec and OptiMax engines

On a boat I was looking at, He would equip an E-Tec 115 or 130, and a kicker is a Yamaha 4Stroke (cant remember like 6HP I beleive).

I dont hae that much expereince, but that was his thoughts.

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No complaints on my 150 Opti...wouldn't trade it for anything! That thing roars!

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