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I am officially blind trained

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Not an expert with blinds, but I CAN DO IT!

I have never been comfortable blind hunting and have never stayed in one long enough to take an animal. But with my constant threat to take a tom with my bow I had to break down and make myself get over it.

I was able to watch wood ducks play in the trout stream about 20 feet away. I had a cardinal perched on top singing away and had crows walking around me the first morning.

One hen flew down and landed just across the stream. She looked at my dekes but didn't really care about them. The other three hens walked off the bluff into the green plateau dragging the two toms with them.

They finally worked their way through the ten deer grazing on the sidehill between the plateau and disced corn field pasture. The hens went about flipping the cow pies and picking at whatever else they found while the two toms stayed on the side hill sparring and strutting and jumping at the deer occasionally. The toms had a vantage point to watch the hens and were fine with that - a comfortable 150 yards from me.

After a half hour the hens blended back with the toms and moseyed up the hill. The toms liked my calls enough to gobble but the hens weren't challenged at all. No takers

I later moved my blind up to the plateau and took a break to drive over to Caledonia to look at some land and a trout stream. It was a nice drive and explore but I was anxious to get back to my prison for a long sit.


From 1:30 to 5:30 I called, scanned and napped and called, scanned, and napped again. I knew that 5:30 wake up would be my last shut eye. Prime time.

Yep, 5:35 or so here comes a red head off the hill and into the rim of thorn bushes at the edge of the trees. Yes, I saw a beard!

Simply poke the end of the barrel out out the hole and wait for the clear shot. grin Patience finally paid off.

This was the birds last view of the junk yard.


He sported only a 7 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs but weighed nice.



I don't have the pics cuz I had to leave after the Wednesday morning hunt but of the 3 other members of my party, one shot a jake from my blind, another shot a jake while walking back to camp and the third blew an opportunity at the spot the bird in my avatar came from.

3 for 4 was a good season for us. cool

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Congrats Wanderer!!!!

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Coulda said, "I'm officailly a Blind-Man" haha woulda probs got more ppl to read this thread but great bird bud wink

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Nice bird and pics...congrats!

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