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Wenonah Spirit II - Roylex - 17' - $600

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I have installed a 3rd seat where one of the thwarts used to be. The thwart that is directly in front of the rear seat is where the new third seat is.

I will include a motor mount. I think this is the same seller and same mount that I have. If not, its darn close.

search [YouNeedAuthorization] for: Canoe Motor Mount - Maine Made

I am also going to include a seat. One of those cheap $20 strap in canoe. If you want I can include another seat its a moulded fold down seat. I have a frame I made out of oak that clamps onto to canoe seat and it has a quick release mount for the fold down seat. I haven't used that seat at all this year but once summer comes and I would be out longer then 4 hours I would switch to it for the back support.

I also have a canoe mover, 2 wheeled canoe carrier. I have to find that, I didn't use it at all last year but if I find it I will throw that in. I also have a different "carrier" that I used all last year. Its the plastic tub from a Cannondale single person bicycle trailer. I took the front bar that attaches to the bike and the cover, and cover support pieces off of it. It is now just a plastic tub with two bicycle wheels. The larger wheels of this make using it to move the boat around so much nicer then the standard canoe carriers you can buy. I usually take the boat off my van, put the front of it onto the tub. load the boat up with all my gear and wheel it too the water that way. Makes for one quick trip.

I'll also throw in a canoe paddle and a twin-bladed kayak paddle. The Kayak paddle is just long enough to work great and hauls you across the lake.

Has scratches and some dimples and surface gouges. I would say its standard type stuff any roylex boat would pick up going down a few rivers with rapids. Nothing to worry about.

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