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Wenonah Spirit II - Roylex - 17' - $600

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I have installed a 3rd seat where one of the thwarts used to be. The thwart that is directly in front of the rear seat is where the new third seat is.

I will include a motor mount. I think this is the same seller and same mount that I have. If not, its darn close.

search [YouNeedAuthorization] for: Canoe Motor Mount - Maine Made

I am also going to include a seat. One of those cheap $20 strap in canoe. If you want I can include another seat its a moulded fold down seat. I have a frame I made out of oak that clamps onto to canoe seat and it has a quick release mount for the fold down seat. I haven't used that seat at all this year but once summer comes and I would be out longer then 4 hours I would switch to it for the back support.

I also have a canoe mover, 2 wheeled canoe carrier. I have to find that, I didn't use it at all last year but if I find it I will throw that in. I also have a different "carrier" that I used all last year. Its the plastic tub from a Cannondale single person bicycle trailer. I took the front bar that attaches to the bike and the cover, and cover support pieces off of it. It is now just a plastic tub with two bicycle wheels. The larger wheels of this make using it to move the boat around so much nicer then the standard canoe carriers you can buy. I usually take the boat off my van, put the front of it onto the tub. load the boat up with all my gear and wheel it too the water that way. Makes for one quick trip.

I'll also throw in a canoe paddle and a twin-bladed kayak paddle. The Kayak paddle is just long enough to work great and hauls you across the lake.

Has scratches and some dimples and surface gouges. I would say its standard type stuff any roylex boat would pick up going down a few rivers with rapids. Nothing to worry about.

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    • Your best angle of attack should come like this: Do you need to control your trolling motor with your sonar? if so you have 2 choices. Lowrance uses motor guide and H-bird goes with Minnkota. If that is not a requirement than the field is wide open. IMO don't go with a screen smaller than 9" with side imaging there is so much detail that its hard to see on a 7" screen. I'd stay away from garmin or any unit that doesn't have a true down scan ducer that uses software to produce a down scan image there is just too much stuff lost without it.   
    • It's a pop or in my case an ice tea bottle with several 1/8" holes near the bottom of the bottle.  I then roll up paper towels and get as many as I can stacked inside the bottle.  When I need to cough I unscrew the top and cough into it.  It definitely softens then noise to more of a rush of air sound.
    • I use the standard frogs (non-Popping) as i feel i can always pop a non-popping.  I do like to throw into cover and hit those pockets and open area's ... there is times when walking it really makes a big difference on strikes.  Can't wait for the season!!  i was just experimenting with the frogs and not bass fishing yet.   We will keep in touch and see how ya all are doing with the frogs this summer.  I am intrigued also with the Zoom Horny toad, ready to try those also.   Cret
    • What spin is needed? We lost, this happens all the time in the playoffs, that is why they play the games. Our very own team has bounced two division leaders in the past 4 years, are we going to give them credit for those series wins or just completely focus on the negative and whine about everything. There are plenty of positives to take away from this season, really there is a ton to be excited about going forward if you don't solely focus on all thing negative.
    • I am interested in what this cough muffler looks like
    • Looks like a lot of rocks.  Could be some fish laying on the bottom.  I look for separation between the object and the shadow.  After I get more acquainted with my new unit i will try and post some shots
    • Its a whole new world down there with SI and DI.   After you learn what the picture is showing you,  you'll wonder what took so long to get it   I was a Lowrance guy for years and made the switch to H'bird this year with the new Solix with Mega chirp.  Very happy with it so far.  Amazing clarity and images.  
    • Swiveldigger picked up his 3rd win of the year with 342 pts. and jumped from 11th to 5th in the standings.   2--fishingstar  322 3--88fan    316 3--huckfin  316 5--Juneau4  310 6--BlackLundProV  308                                               HIGHEST  WEEKLY SCORE HAS BEEN   CATZMAN                                                                                                                   365 7--Catzman  268 8--jar jar  242 9--mnwildman  224 10--gregg52  174 11--Musky999  128   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standings 1--Juneau4  2170 2--Catzman  2121 3--fishingstar  2092 4--88fan   2052 5--Swiveldigger  1995 6--mnwildman  1994 7--Gregg52   1985 8--BlackLundProV  1975 8--huckfin  1975 10-jar jar   1947 11-Musky999  1890 
    • Back to the original reply- which one and which size?   Amperage (amps) 6.5   Or, if you want to be serious then install a few of these bad boys. I call it the Mother Of All Backups or MOAB for short.  
    • Has anyone been on Clear yet this season? Thinking about heading that way in a few weeks to try for some walleye and yellows. 
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