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Help with motor and oil

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Hey guys...I am not good with motors, and I don't know much about them. I was just given a 15hp mid to early 90's suzuki pull start motor. On the cover it says "Oil Injection". Inside there is a tank with a cap that says "Oil" on the top and inside there appears to be a very small amount of oil.

I am wondering if I need to mix oil into my gas, or if this is what it appears to be, and all I need to do is add oil to the oil tank?

I couldn't find a dip stick, but it does have a low oil light (no idea if it works), and a place at the bottom of the motor (down by the prop) that has a screw labeled "oil" (and another labeled "flush").

The motor looks pretty clean under the cover, but the guy hasn't used it for a year but said he had it tuned up a year ago.


Do I need to mix gas and oil, or just add to oil tank under cover?

What type of oil do I need to put in? Just standard marine grade? Amsoil?

Thanks Guys!

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Sounds to me like it's oil injected... so get some 2 stroke engine oil and fill the oil reservoir up.

The oil drain plug on the bottom is for the lower unit oil... I would stand the motor up, and pull the top (marked flush) screw. If no oil comes out, use the end of a tie wrap and see how far down the oil is and what it looks like. If it's milky colored or low, I'd drain it and replace it with marine lower unit oil.


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When you say stand the motor you mean in the position it would be on my boat?

Also...where do you fill the lower unit? I would imagine something is marked...but I didn't find it.

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Yes in the upright position. Once the oil has completely drained, re-fill by adding the oil through the bottom hole by squeezing the tube slowly until it comes out the top hole. Keeping the tube in the bottom hole, re-install the top plug, then quickly pull tube away and re-install bottom plug.

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