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"And the "Beat" Goes On!"

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Wing beats that is! grin...Man O man!...the grouse are drummin up a storm in my haunts this year!...Seems like they're on every log!...well almost grin...not complaining though grin...from this morning's walk....


getting ready....


and the wings start out slowly....


and a sudden blur of wings!.....


and ends all "fluffed up" to show off grin...


and his rival on another log...


my first butterfly of the season....a "green comma' if I'm not mistaken....looks a tat beat up from last year grin


and a lone canada that found a 3' open spot of water to rest his butt!.... grin


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Wow! Great shots jonny! I heard my buddy again this morning but didn't get to see him. Sure is fun tryin' though!

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Striking how close you are getting to this drumming grouse, you must be stealthy smile Excellent butterfly image.

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Another good looking series Jonny. You better leave these guys alone or they will never mate grin

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Thanks all!.....Lol!...Jim,I'm sure nature will take care of "things"..Hmmmm whistle...I found 4 confirmed drumming logs with grouse useing em every day this year....if those grouse have "little grouses"(say 6 or so each) ...there should be about 24 for the drumming logs next year ......there's "no hunting" where these grouse are so in reality they'll be around in greater numbers then in open public lands...minus a few for hawk food, mink food,fisher food and fox food of course grin

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