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Ranger won't run---fuel pump????

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Idling on down the long farm driveway in my 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0, and it putters and dies. Try to start it back up, and it just kinda spits and sputters, not really starting and running. My gas was real low, "check gauge" hadn't come on yet, though. Figured I had run it out of gas. Put 5 gallons in, now nearing half tank. Start truck, seems to start O.K., but after a short two-three seconds sputters and dies.

Figure I had plugged a fuel filter. Borrowed the necessary tools, got help from family who is a former mechanic, replaced fuel filter. No change. Starts, putters and dies after a few seconds.

Checked fuel pressure on rail by simply depressing the little valve thingy grin . Gas spurts out. Person helping starts complaining about not having the proper tools.

Unplug MAF sensor. Truck would now start and idle for 10 to 20 seconds before dieing. Remove MAF sensor, looks dirty, attempt to clean. Replace MAF sensor. No change.

Visit the junk yard down the road. Installed a used MAF sensor. No change. Plugged in MAF = 3 seconds of idling, unplugged MAF sensor = 15 seconds of idling before dieing.

Continue to unplug/ start/ plug back in every sensor or module. No change.

Recheck fuel pressure on rail. This time holding open the release valve for longer, to the point of holding it open while trying to start vehicle. Appears to not be enough pressure or volume.

Go to hardware store and purchase carb cleaner. Return to truck and get truck to "run" by spraying carb cleaner down the air intake.

It's gotta be the fuel pump, right?


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I guess the first thing I would do is hook up a fuel pressure gauge

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That is exactly what the former mechanic helping me out wants to do.

Hopefully later today...

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8 pounds of pressure.

After new fuel pump, something like 60 pounds. Running like a champ again.

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haha yeah 8 is not nearly enough. I just the the fuel pump in my '97 chevy and that was at 30 and it wouldnt run.

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