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In a van down by the river...

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Well not really in a van, but I was down by the river. Walking the shoreline of the Sippi at the Coon Rapids Dam searching for crappies I ended up finding some ducks and a hawk (ID please).




Got an itch -


Still workin it -


Ahh, that's better.


Hey Drake, whatchyoudoin?


Just movin over here honey -


Nap time -


All were shot with the DReb XT and 70-200 F4L at ISO 200. Most at -1/3 EC.

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your hawk is a immature bald eagle i believe. nice day huh? You find any crappies?

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I can't see a hawk, there's a big eagle in the way! Just Kidding! Great shots. I hope the fishing was as good.

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i had one of those in the yard the other day i was thinkin osprey

with color in those wings but i'm no bird expert i do have a pair of eagles kinda in the back yard to

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Really, I guess I didn't look too close at it. I was carrying the fishin rod and camera bag in one hand and just looked up and shot these one handed. Gues it was an eagle then. Maybe once it has full plumage, it might let me get this close again. I bought a park pass today so I will be back there many times this summer.

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