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Lower unit air test?

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I found that my 89 johnson 25 hp motor looks to have a small leak in the lower unit. This has happened before and I have had it air tested. Which it passed all 3 times. It only seems to happen when it get really cold or warm in my garage. Could this just be seals expanding and contracting? I was wondering how a guy would go about doing an air test for yourself. Drain the lower unit oil and hook up a valve and gauge to it and pump up with a compressor I would think. What kind of psi do they test at?

Thank in advance


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They only need about 12-15 lbs and NO more. You are going to need a small pump, low presure guage and correct fittings. On my set up, I even have a shut off between the pump and guage. Are you sure its gear lube and not unburned oil from the exhaust?

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No Im not positive. I was kind of wondering if thats it because it has passed 3 air test in the last 8 years. It doesnt really stink like gear lube either. Should I use it a few times and then check/change the gear lube and look for signs of water?

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If its real stinky and black, its more than likely from the exhaust. Keep an eye on it.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Yup.... 6 & 4 for Lead.... 4 & 2 for steel
    • I ended up framing my house, putting on the T&G , and then spray foaming back against the interior, which may be why I am not seeing any movement... I also used pine vs cedar
    • I agree with the guy who agreed with the other guy.
    • Just wait till they come up with the remote submarine drone with 3d high resolution camera that can see through algae and milfoil and transmit to your eyewear in 3d.   I struggle with properly tying a berkley knot......
    • I agree with rundrave. #4 early and #2 shot later in year
    • Yes, 5/16 T&G I installed last fall. I did the same, but I see this summer it's starting to buckle  
    • Adding a 4th wouldn't do much IMO. The map screen is already too small to be useful when screen is split in 3. I added a Helix 7 G2N to use as a map screen. Networked with other 2 units
    • I could always go and spend more money on an additional unit but some of it is like Floyd said. I have a hard enough time watching one screen. I have the app on my phone. I think that lowrance has the ability to split the screen into 4. I just can't believe I'm the only person who would like to see this but maybe I am. It may not be as big a deal once I get more familiar with the unit. Right now I like to look at all the screens to help discern what it is im seeing on the screen.  I appreciate the input!     
    • Males were on the beds last night on a lake here in the metro. Not my deal, so I let 'em be. Which means I didn't catch much at all compared to last week.   Oh well, be a couple weeks before the summer patterns start happening. Already a hint of cottonwood floating on the water though. *booooo*
    • I would agree with Purple.   Just add an inexpensive unit of your choice for the maps.   You could even use a cheap tablet with the navionics app on it for the mapping, if money was an issue.     You can buy a 7 inch generic (RCA) tablet for around 50 bucks.    A few bucks more gets a holder.