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Please don't let your dogs get fat

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Most winters many peoples dog's gain some weight. Two winters ago mine did, and as usual I thought "no big deal" we'll run it off in the summer. Summer came and so did Analplasmosis(sp??) I was never able to get the weight of my dogs down last summer. Fall hunting came, the dogs lost a little weight, but not much and I noticed my lab-mix limping a little on his front left leg. A little inspection revealed it was the ankle or knee in the leg. After a day he would be fine. The "open feed" dish came to an abrupt end after 5 plus years, and no additional weight was gained. Now limiting food to what is listed for non-active dogs, and exercising more, a weight decrease is being seen.

A vet was visited along the way. Inspected the one bad leg, and thought it to be structurally sound. We both agreed the best thing to do was continuing on the diet. He was up to 93 pounds, currently 85 pounds, and I'm thinking 70 pounds is his goal weight.

Tonight my big guy lays tired, and sore. For the first time I noticed both front ankles are hurting him. Sad to see a dog known for being so rambunctious, wincing when just trying to stretch. Watching him walk in pain to the water dish, walking like someone walking in 5" heels for the first time, it just tortures me.

No fault of my dog. 100% on me. I even knew better, but thought "no big deal."

The vet will be getting a call tomorrow. Last time the vet gave me some suggestions for Glucosamine (I think) and Aspirin if needed. Me, not being a fan of pills and meds, I didn't pay attention. Now, I gotta do something to alleviate the increased pain felt by my dog.

Please don't let your dogs get fat.


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Ditto that.

I had the same issue with my pup. The open dish policy was fine until we got a second dog. That was a threat to the food supply.

I was taking my dog to the vet for the annual prescription of Rimadyl to keep her limping down. We finally repealed the feed at will and got her weight down. She hasn't needed Rimadyl for a couple years now.

We put her on a diet of about a cup and half (O.K., two) per day of Adult Maintenance formula with Glucosamine and Chondriontin. That and making sure she has some activity in the off season has made all the difference.

She was out to the game farm on Wednesday and did fabulous. She is 7 now. She limped a little that night but by morning was fine.

Good luck with your dog.

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Good reminder! A thin dog is a healthy dog. Hope you can get your boy back to normal!!!

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Are you absolutley sure that the limping is solely from some ncreased pounds being carried by the dog? I've seen morbidly obeses labs in my day and they all seem to do the woodtick shuffle no problem without any outward signs of limping or pain.

I'd have a vet run a test for Lymes and even the anaplasmosis can cause pain and lameness in advanced stages. I guess unless the dog was worked severly hard, he should not be limping to the water bowl even with 20 extra pounds. I know of 2 dogs that were both show dogs and field trial dogss. Show people consistantly run their dogs about 20 pounds heavier than field dogs. These 2 dogs handled themselves well with their show weight when training and campagning in trials...

I do agree a dog should always be kept in good physical condidtion and is the reason they are schedule fed from puppyhood till death. I can adjust their intake based on activity level and body shape. I never have had a dog that was overweight in my 28 years of owning field dogs.

I hope it is just a weight issue, but I wouldn't hesitate to revisit the diagnosis from a vet.

Good Luck!


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the open dish program wasnt an option for my pup. She'd eat everything put in front of her. but she does gain id say 5-10 pounds over the winter, but sheds it during spring and summer.

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