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HSO Forum Members 2009 Turkey Contest Teams & Scores- *Final*

9 posts in this topic

Here they are.....

Heart Breakers & Tom Takers Team Score = 213.625





Hoyt4 M--52


Purrs & SpursTeam Score = 61.5

Turkey Addict




sticknstring M


Turkey TakersTeam Score = 173.07




harvey lee--64.5

elevatorguy M--49.245

TominatersTeam Score = 211.825


Huntmup M/R--58.9375




Scott Stein

Date BreakersTeam Score = 217.84

8point Y





Nightcrawler M--60.39

Trick'm and Stick'mTeam Score = 63.875


Outfishedagain M





Tom TerminatorsTeam Score =179.7125

lc pett y

paintbrush M/R--64.0625




Surface Tension

HSO Team #8Team Score = 243 ***Team Winners***

Wallydog M--45.625



mnhunter2--71.875***Highest Scoring Bird***

Mo Gator

Congrats Everyone!!!

Since we didn't have a youth harvest a bird this year that prize will go to the overall highest scoring bird. Congrats mnhunter 2! Shoot me an email with your address at jeffonthewater at Team #8 gets the honor of claiming championship status in the forums for the next year.

Thanks everyone!

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I believe there may be a mistake. I think I'm On two teams. Team One and Team Eight With mknolls being miss spelled on Team Eight. This maybe my fault. I may have signed up twice. If not then my mistake. Also If someone could help me. Is there a way to get a hold of Borch directly. He is the one how set this up is he not?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks mknolls.

I went through the list several times as I was coming up with one extra from my original count and figure I must have just just one when I first counted.

You're now on just Team #1

Now we should be good to go.

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Hey Borch,the 2009 form was not up when I left for NE I used one from last year will that work?

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Lots of us hunt more than one state. Your first bird of the season, no matter where it is taken is the only bird you can register in this contest.

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