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Obama signs bill to protect 2 million acres

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Anybody heard if Minnesota had any land involved?

From CNN:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Conservationists claimed one of their most significant victories of the new administration Monday as President Obama signed sweeping land reform legislation designating 2 million additional acres of public wilderness areas.

Lawmakers applaud as President Obama signs 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act

The federal wilderness designation provides the highest level of government protection from logging and other forms of commercial use and development.

"This legislation guarantees that we will not take our forests, rivers, oceans ... monuments, and wilderness areas for granted, but rather we will set them aside and guard their sanctity for everyone to share," Obama said at a White House signing ceremony.

"That's something all Americans can support."

The land protected by the 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act, a compilation of over 160 separate legislative proposals, extends across nine states.

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Among other things, the law also establishes 10 new National Heritage sites, authorizes numerous Bureau of Reclamation water projects, and alters several national park boundaries. It specifically creates 21 new wilderness areas and expands 19 existing wilderness areas in 10 national forests.

One of the largest swaths of newly protected wilderness is in California, where over 380,000 additional acres are set aside by the law.

The covered areas incorporate the eastern Sierra Nevada, Los Angeles County's San Gabriel Mountains, and the desert areas of Riverside County.

In the Pacific Northwest, more than 136,000 acres have been designated to protect areas surrounding Mount Hood and the Copper Salmon headwaters, according to the Department of Agriculture.

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I did a little internet searching, after reading through the details, looks like of the more than 160 bills that go into this, none directly involve Minnesota land. North Dakota gets mentioned a couple of times, but a big chunk of the bill speaks of land/water for California and the other western states.

Found one note preserving hunting privileges, none restricting them.

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Anybody heard if Minnesota had any land involved?

I hope not.

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No land in Minnesota was included, thank goodness. Depending on ones point of view this was either great or a giant land grab. If you at all value multiple use, jobs, states rights...then this was a giant land grab.


> Authorize a land swap to give the state of Alaska a seven-mile easement through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. The easement allows the state to complete a 25-mile gravel road from King Cove to Cold Bay, where there is an all-weather airport. In exchange, the state and other landowners would transfer more than 61,000 acres to the federal government, including about 43,000 acres to be designated as wilderness.


> Preserve nearly 450,000 acres of wilderness and 73 miles of wild and scenic rivers near Santa Clarita and along the California Nevada border, including the White Mountains.

> Protect 190,000 acres in Riverside County as wilderness, including parts of Joshua Tree National Park.

> Protect about 70,000 acres of wilderness, including the new John Krebs Wilderness, named for the former congressman and conservationist who fought to protect these lands in the Mineral King Valley.


> Protect nearly 250,000 acres of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

> Protect 66,000 acres of red rock sandstone canyons, cliffs, streams and waterfalls in western Colorado.


> Protect as wilderness 517,000 acres in Idaho’s Owyhee Canyonlands.


> Protect 11,739 acres of wilderness at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.


> Protect more than 15,000 acres in San Miguel County as wilderness.


> Protect 13,700 acres of old-growth forest in Oregon’s Siskiyou National Forest.

> Protect more than 128,000 acres of national forest on Mount Hood.

> Protect 23,000 acres in the Soda Mountain region in the southwest.

> Protect nearly 31,000 acres of wilderness in the Badlands just east of Bend.

> Protect 8,600 acres of wilderness overlooking the John Day Wild and Scenic River.


> Protect more than 250,000 acres of wilderness in and near Zion National Park.


> Protect 43,000 acres of the Jefferson National Forest as wilderness, and 12,000 as a national scenic area.


> Protect 37,000 acres in the Monongahela National Forest.

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