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Jeremy airjer W

Week 6 Winner

21 posts in this topic

Johnsonator takes the 1.2.3 and 9th finishing positions to squeeze out the four more points that puts him in the winners circle! This is Johnsonator's first win in our league. Congratulations on a nice week!!

Johnsonator 368

BEAST/smoke20 364

wally20 362

Fishing_Novice 362

eric29 ® 362

gregg52 ® 362

Airjer 358

elevatorguy ® 358

hanronson ® 358

Tunrevir1 356

metrojoe 352

delzz7 352

legend 89 352

TNFL 352

HOF#13 348


Capt.Blaine © 348

Twinlake ® 346

Rip_Some_Lip 344

juneau4 344

Iron Cowboys 342

2 by 4 and 1 by 2 342

88fan ® 342

musky999 338

Yaggie 338

mnwildman 334

huckfin ® 334

Sifty 332

DDT26 332

Bass N Spear ® 332

Harvey Lee © 330

BlueLundFisherman ® 328

SledNeck ® 328

jwhjr 328

The Pro ® 328

bbqhead 328

fishinchicks 320

BpAki987 ® 316

amp88 ® 312

Cheeser 310

Sprinter ® 308

BK19 ® 306

takem34 ® 306

scottstein ® 302

Harmonica Bear 288


walleyes12 ® 278

thorski ® 278

Reef Runner 276

wyldewal © 270

Double D 270

jbell1981 268

mnhunter 258

Trick ® 256

PikeBayCommanche 254

eye8pout2 ® 248

BigDave2 ® 244

Papa Grump 240

Sutty 238

2dog 238

Uncle Bill 232

highlife2008 ® 228

shiner2367 222

1lkstage 212

RosoRiverRat 198

SoldierGirl 194

JAR JAR ® 192

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Total Points

Rip some lip says move over!!

1 Rip_Some_Lip 1,729

2 Iron Cowboys 1,720

3 BpAki987 ® 1,717

4 jbell1981 1,694

5 metrojoe 1,689

6 mnwildman 1,684

7 delzz7 1,679

8 Twinlake ® 1,672

9 musky999 1,669

10 wally20 1,658

11 HOF#13 1,642

12 Airjer 1,638

13 mnhunter 1,637

14 Yaggie 1,634

15 elevatorguy ® 1,627

16 Sifty 1,620

17 Cheeser 1,614

18 BlueLundFisherman ® 1,611

19 legend 89 1,608

20 TNFL 1,605

21 Fishing_Novice 1,603

21 DDT26 1,603

23 eye8pout2 ® 1,601

24 SledNeck ® 1,594

25 Harvey Lee © 1,593

26 Sprinter ® 1,592

27 2 by 4 and 1 by 2 1,590

28 Johnsonator 1,589

29 Papa Grump 1,585

30 Bass N Spear ® 1,576

31 huckfin ® 1,569

32 jwhjr 1,564

33 The Pro ® 1,548

34 Tunrevir1 1,542

35 hanronson ® 1,539

36 BEAST/smoke20 1,538

37 juneau4 1,520

38 LMITOUT88 1,519

39 Harmonica Bear 1,518

40 walleyes12 ® 1,517

41 88fan ® 1,510

41 1lkstage 1,510

43 BK19 ® 1,505

44 eric29 ® 1,500

44 scottstein ® 1,500

46 shiner2367 1,498

47 RosoRiverRat 1,497

48 PikeBayCommanche 1,495

49 bbqhead 1,494

50 takem34 ® 1,482

51 Capt.Blaine © 1,478

52 MEANEY 1,461

53 thorski ® 1459

53 Sutty 1,459

55 fishinchicks 1,456

56 gregg52 ® 1,404

56 Reef Runner 1,404

58 SoldierGirl 1,389

59 amp88 ® 1,387

60 2dog 1,381

61 Uncle Bill 1,361

62 wyldewal © 1,357

63 Double D 1,345

64 JAR JAR ® 1,321

65 Trick ® 1,317

66 highlife2008 ® 1,296

67 BigDave2 ® 1268

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Stats N Stuff

Previous Winners

2006 - Down to Earth, 324 points

2007 - JDB Inc., 357 points

2008 - Double D's, 331 points

The Movers

BEAST/smoke20 +14


Fishing_Novice +11

Johnsonator +11

88fan ® +11

eric29 ® +11

Sutty -15

SoldierGirl -15

PikeBayCommanche -16

eye8pout2 ® -17

Papa Grump -21

shiner2367 -23

1lkstage -26

RosoRiverRat -33

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It was nice to have my whole team finish in the top ten for a change!

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I thought I had a good week at 332 until I saw all the others.

great week for many.

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I went with Hamlin and Gordon thinking Jeff could pull it off.


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Congrats Johnsonator!

Okay so who DIDNT pick Johnson and Hamlin?

I picked Gordon and Hamlin.

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congrats to winner

i went with hamlin and Gordan as well, should have stuck to my guns!

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Thanks, I almost took Gordon over Johnson just before the race started but I am glad I didn't. Nice to get the first win after a few 2nd place finishes last year.

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Man, there were some great scores this week! I don't think we've ever had a week here with this many 300+ scores! Nice!

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Congrats! I had Gordon and Hamlin as well.

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There was only a 6 point difference between Gordon and Johnson.

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I went with Gordon and Hamlin and had Johnson and Stewart on the bench, but I still scored 352!!!

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Nice work Johnsonator!

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Man, there were some great scores this week! I don't think we've ever had a week here with this many 300+ scores! Nice!

Good call HOF!

Week 21 of 2008 was the high week at 35 teams with 300 or more. This week we hit 44 teams with 300 or more. This was a good week for many teams!!

Capt. Blaine also has the record for the most amount of weeks with 300 or more points at 14.

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Congratulations, johnsonator!

I had Gordon, Stewart, Jr, and Ambrose - all were in the top 14. Best I have done in a long time!

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Good goin', johnsonator.!

When you hear a "thud" that will be me hitting the bottom of the standings!

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Thanks again. I was kind of hoping that everybody would have had a bad week when I finally had a good one so I could hopfully make it closer to the front to battle with the leaders. That idea was shot after the record was broke of most teams over 300 points.

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