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Windy City

New Tax proposed in Chicago

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I heard on the radio this morning that the mayor of Chicago proposed a new 8% tax on rental cars. This would normally appear as business as usual but the kicker on this is that the tax would be applied to rental car businesses IN THE SUBURBS! They are proposing taxing the 6 counties surrounding Chicago under the assumption that people who rent cars in the burbs will most likely visit the city of Chicago.

In order to avoid the tax, the law says that the rental business has to photo copy the drivers license and get a sworn statement signed under penalty of perjury that the driver will not go into Chicago while driving that car.

And you guys thought things could not get any more bizarre in Illinois!

Just heard this on the way into work today!

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Renting a car in the burbs is the only way to save about 100% markup of cost. It appears someone is trying to balance city budgets on the backs visitors. (AZ is great at doing this) Cicago businesses might not be in favor if they think it will result in a reduction of hotel/resturant and tourist business. Three weeks ago I rented a car in suburban Phoenix for $240 for 8 days. The same car rented at Sky Harbor Airport would have been $455. If IL does this and AZ follows their lead it will take a bite out of my once affordable winter golf trip.

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