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Finally some flags on Tonka!!

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Well...this year at least for us has been a tough one on Tonka chasing Norts! We have been out alot and have averaged maybe one flag an afternoon -which is way less than prior years fishing in the same areas.

We went out on Sunday afternoon for about 3 hours and had 8 flags! which was a nice way to end the season.

The funny thing is that we only have very small sucker minnows to use - because thats all the bait stores had available now. i mean these were small minnows - about the size I would use for walleye fishing. In fact, the very last flag - right at pitch dark when I was going to call it a day - produced a 35 inch 12 pound Nort - easily our biggest from tonka for awhile.

I wonder if it was just coincidence with the smaller minnoes or what? Also, with these smaller minnows we were able to take the fish right away - because we knew they would be easily able to fit the whole minnow in their mouth. We did not miss a hook set - and we also hooked most of the fish right in the corner of the mouth. I do know this for year I am going to fish with both the real small suckers as well as those larger ones we usually use. Anyway, it was a nice way to end the season and all the fish including the 12 pounder are back in the water - waiting to be caught this Spring.

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I dont think its coincidence, I have found that the fish are wanting smaller minnows on Waconia also. A few times this year we have had pike hitting crappie minnows and snapping our lines even when we had a sucker and shiner down right next to it, hardly got a bite on the bigger minnows all year.

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