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Humminbird owners: New software is on the website

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V4.510 is now available on your "my profile" page of your online registration.

Loading up today, cant wait to use the new Enhanced SI option on the water tomorrow.


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what exactally is this going to do. I looked on their HSOforum but could'nt find anything.

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Posted on another sight:

Software update is now available for consumers to download from for these models:

768, 787c2, 787c2i, 788c, 788ci, 797c2, 797c2i, 798c, 798ci

917, 955, 957, 997

1155, 1157, 1197

This software update (v4.510) adds these features:

Supports the XM NavWeather accessory.

Supports AIS receivers. (1100 models only)

Adds new 2D sonar processing techniques, including the ablity to turn off TVG.

Adds SI Image Enhancement features. (SI models only) *

Supports operation of the CannonLink accessory across an InterLink accessory. *

Modifies the Depth Offset menu item to shift the sonar image, not just the digital depth. *

Expands Water Type selections to include deep and shallow salt water. *

Adds Waypoint Decluttering control. *

Adds Demonstration mode menu item to disable point-of-sale mode when using a transducer with no thermistor.

Fixes the color of shoreline construction on Navionics charts.

* (all models except new color 700 models, which already had these features)

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Yea, what Similar Island says.

Sorry, Ive been gone fishin for 2 days.

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go to humminbirds HSOforum, log into your online registration, If you havent done that yet, then you need to, because you wont be able to update without registering your unit. Log into your "profile" page, and it should be there waiting for you to download to your computer Then drag and drop it into a sd card, Put the sd card in the unit, and power it up. Answer the two questions it asks. Yes, then no, I believe. Then, it will automaticaly update the unit. Dont do anything til te update is complete.

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