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Fishing with "ShouldBfishin"

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We went out to a spot that provided great sight fishing last week because of the depth and the water clarity and set up andys tent to get out of the wind and see the fish better.

I was disappointed to find out the water had turned pretty green in the last week and we could barely see our jigs and the fish. I even blamed andy because he had muddy boots! :P I dont understand how it would get so murky in a week! so we used our flashers and got a couple of sunfish, then nothing. after a while we tried moving, nothing. Then we tried drilling some holes outside and we did really much better getting lots of sunfish and a few crappies. we had two holes that were consistently kicking out fish and it was getting cold, so we dragged the tent over and set up between the two good holes. Andy got a good gill right away, then a pike came through. the sunfish would start to come back, then the pike would come back!

i kept trying to drop a pike lure down to it, but it would take off before I could get it down.

I tried jigging it for a while,nothing.

We couldn't get anymore inside the tent, and I told him his tent was cursed! :roll: :mrgreen:

We went back to the holes just outside the tent, and sure enough we started yanking out the panfish again! we decided to just fish outside the rest of the day and got lots of fish. it was lots of fun fishing with andy. we didn't get any big fish but we had lots of big laughs!


Andy with some good keepers



A good eater sized gill for MT


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