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Outboard mounted trolling motor

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Anyone have any experience with these? How do they compare to the bow or transom mounted ones?

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    • Put an L behind his name with the exact same contributions and Carlos would be silent.
    • I understand everything you say.  I'm just sorry you think anything you post is intelligent or has an original thought.  But hey if you have the need to feel important do I have a job for you.
    • I put those in there so that you COULD understand what I was saying and you confirmed it works. Sometimes we just have to try harder to communicate at a level you are comfortable with. 
    • Del, i do believe the chiropractic approach to healing an injury is significantly better then painkillers and muscle relaxers. Which may create the need to visit MD again to get something to loosen the stools from the pain meds. He's now billed for multiple office visits and services, you know, running a business. Stop being so naive.
    • I'm thinking the same thing.  
    • He is so outside that he only managed like 18 million in contributions in 24 hours from the biggest names in the political and financial elite but yet you think he is an outsider. Jets owner, Hollywood producer, Wall Street titans helped drive Trump’s $18M day Looks like a real outsider to me lol.
    • I would say 1x4 is over kill for furring strips aside from where bunks and cabinets are located and 1x1 is under sized for the studs.  Personally I would run 1x2 to have enough room for insulation.  Couple bucks extra up front. It saves you from hearing your furnace as often and spending as much down the road on propane.  
    • I use 1x4's as furring strips, which will give me another 3/4".  Then having it spray foamed. My last house I used rigid foam boards for insulation in the walls and ceiling.  I've never had anything spray foamed before, so if that's not enough let me know what you think.
    • Sounds like just another party hack blaming others for the fact they are fielding a terrible candidate instead of just owning up to the fact.
    • Did you even read what I said?    
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