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6 in hand auger trade

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i have a 6 in hand auger will trade for a x2 cover, ultra light combos, sunflower heater, tip ups, what ever else you have

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    • I was out on Saturday as well, and boy was it tough. We stuck a couple of fish and missed a couple more right away in the morning, then ran to the access to pick up the third guy, and when we got back to the spot the fish were shut down.

      We marked tons of fish all day but found very few biters. Still a heck of a nice day to be on the water, though!
    • Thanks for the link. I saw another lake on that list that was good bass fishing, but they had discontinued stocking trout several years back. Nice to see they resumed, even if it is only a few hundred. I'm fishing perch lake for sure on Friday, but am looking to add a 2nd lake to fish, since it's so small. Square lake, here on the Minnesota side would be ideal, but I can't get a hold of the DNR regarding trout stocking there. I'm down to an electric motor with my little boat anyway, as I need to do some carburetor work on the outboard.
    • I thought there wasn't any proof it was the russians and it could have been a 400lb guy on a bed.    I can't help but find some humor in the dems tactics, playing the Trumpers like a fiddle, and how the repubs are butthurt about it.   Plant some dudes in planned parenthood t-shirts and then watch the Trumpers to blow their tops and start punching people. 
    • She's a nasty women....   (Hilly would look somewhat similar without her catheter strapped on...)  
    • Might not want to fill that diaper up with claims of rigging and fraud too soon.  You've still got two weeks.  
    • Still indecisive ??  
    • If we are going to provide health care to the masses at "affordable rates" it is not going to be in the way of insurance company provided healthcare plans.  They are in business to make profits.  Bringing in money with one hand and handing it all out with the other is not really their game.  There needs to be some incentives, and by the way the companies are dropping out of the healthcare plan exchanges it would seem they are not happy with the margin they are making/allowed in the exchanges.    ACA is not really govt run and it is not really free market.  It a messy kluge that is obviously not working.  And when non of the plan providers are willing to stay in the exchanges poor people will be in a worse place than before this cluster f*** started.   Trying to knock down the prices that healthcare facilities charge is going to be pretty close to impossible. I don't see Drs, Nurses, various skilled instrument tech people being willing to take some painfully large cuts in pay.  And since roughly 82% of the hospitals/facilities are non profit hard to blame huge profits as the root cause of the issues.
    • Blame it on a video ??   Russians ??   Sniper fire ??    
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