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How was everybodys season?

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no need to have two of the smae posts running at the same time!

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    • I have been going to golden meadows lately to work my dog so far we have shot 24 birds over him. One more time at the preserve before the season starts and we are itching to get out in the real fields!  
    • Wow do the unicorns fly in your fantasy too?
    • Would you like me to put sugar in your medicine to make it taste better?
    • Unless: If no candidate wins an absolute majority in the Electoral College, the election is decided by the House of Representatives. Thus, if Johnson were to win, say, Colorado while Trump and Clinton split all other electoral votes 50-50, the House would pick the winner. Given that Trump and Clinton are the most unpopular candidates in recent history, a divided House might compromise by selecting Johnson, a former two-term (Republican) governor of New Mexico.
    • It's probably going to be late this year. I got my itch scratched at Traxlers reserve in LeCenter today at least so that helps but really for me the pheasant season doesn't get into high gear until after deer season. Normally the first few weeks are too warm to be out a whole day with the dogs and there are too many corn fields in. By the 3rd week in November the temps have dropped and the corn is mostly out and that's when it gets better and of course first snow...... I am fairly optimistic about the bird populations this year. Obviously the rain we had was a wildcard and it's hard to say right now how that has impacted populations but there was a good group of birds that carried over from last season and the winter didn't take too many.
    • You sound like Dingle when someone spells isn't without the apostrophe.  It's like he can't even comprehend the sentence.
    • I'm saying that the people get what they deserve and that includes us, you all and me too.  As one of the characters in catch-22 said.. "They can do anything you can't stop them from doing".   And we have allowed the Clintons, a pair of crooks from the git go, to gain control of the Democratic Party, with a brief hiccup from Obama who only got to congress by getting a machine judge to release his opponent's sealed divorce records.  And we allowed the Republicans to leave in place a setup that encouraged every doofus that could rub two nickels together to get in the race.   Michelle Bachman?  Rick Santorum?  Rand Paul?   and of course Donald Trump....   Throw ten or 20 of them on TV about 50 times and see what happens.  And we all mostly just ignored it so the celebrity with the media skills got the nod, because he articulated the rage and disgust of a significant part of the voters, and he didn't have to rely on contributions to campaign.     Now we are being told, in the words of La governor Edwards supporters.."Vote for the Crook.  It's important." So, yes we deserve what we got.  Now the decision is which of these two will do the least long term damage to the country.   Maybe Jill Stein or Gary Johnson would but it ain't gonna happen, and anyway they would be jesse'd (term invented by me) by the congress like Jesse Ventura was by the state legislature after the first term since Jill and Gary have no power base.  
    • You and your back slappers bring up stuff Trump did or said in 1850...are you kidding me.   #hypocritesandfrauds
    • It sounds like you are describing a transmission slip in first gear? how many miles on it? Is the check engine light on? Have you checked the transmission fluid level and condition?
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