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LCX vrs HDS graphs

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I am looking to replace my LMS332C fish finder. And I am wondering if someone out there could give me a few pointers.

What I have now is a Globalmap 3500c and a LMS332c at the helm, and a LCX27c on the bow.I want to add a larger screen graph on the helm, that I could network both to the stern trancducer, If I run both at the same time, there is too much interference, and sometimes I am drifting when sitting in the bow and don't want to drop the trolling motor to get a signal. I have Navionics and Lakemaster chips,so any pre loaded maps are pretty much a waste for me.

As for the HDS. the sonar is nice, but a built in gps is a poor idea, my helm is NOT a good place to mount gps reciever. My gps right now is a LGC2000 unit that has been updated. A LGC4000 reciever is an additional $300 and I was told the HDS is not backwards compatible with older gps recievers, anyone know if my other units will work with the LGC4000?

Another issue is cost, I can buy a LCX38c for the same price as a HDS7, and a LCX28c for about $150 less.

So what ideas do you have? I plan on keeping the Globalmar3500 and the LCX27 where they are. the 27 is big enough to show both gps and depth info, and the Globalmap works great where it is. If the repacement is only a fish finder thats fine, but if it is gps, it better be compatiblewith everything else.

Another option avalible is to go with a Humminbird side immaging (bet Lowrance never thought they could loose loyal customers because of legacy issues). If I have lost the compatability between units, why stay with the same brand?

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norma - I have some ideas that would work with your setup, but first I have some questions. If you want to contact me we could try to work through this, my email address is below.

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I'm kinda in the same boat as you. Gonna upgrade my 334c to either the lcx32c (I believe that's the right number) or the HDS8.

What I tried was talking with the guys at Reeds comparing the differences, however they still only have the Hds5 and Hds7 so no decisions made yet. Looks like about a $500 difference for this years model.

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