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Lake Superior Ice

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Well it's finally warmed up here enough to be able to leave the house for more than life's absolute necessities. So I took a run down to Grand Portage today. I was actually expecting to pick up a monopod that I purchased off the internet and had shipped to the border, but it hadn't arrived yet. No big deal. It's only a short drive and that only means that I'll have to go back later in the week. Anyways, I stopped in at a place called Hollow Rock, just a few miles south of Grand Portage. The scenery is breathtaking here. I was surprised to see the main lake body frozen. But it's just been that cold this winter I guess. It was dull and cloudy today, but I made the best of it.







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I really like the last shot. Too bad the sun wasn't helping that day.

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    • Very impressive and best overall game they have played in a couple years IMO...hopefully Dubs can stay on his game and stay healthy cuz it does not seem like they are really hitting on all cylinders yet...still early so it could go either way.....but a good start under BB so far.
    • The #2 pattern very well in my gun. And over the years I have realized if I shoot a pump or auto I dont get patient enough and just keep firing. I now shoot an O/U most days and it has made me a much better shot as I tend to take more time to aim knowing I only have 2 shots. Thus leading to the bird to being out a ways before I fire. At times when I have made a close shot I havent had any issue making pheasant hamburger. And #2 steel works great on late season birds with some thick skin.   I am sure results may very. If your confident with what your firing thats all that matters.
    • Not publicly but he has been forging a plan to nip this club in the bud.   Just awaiting a reply.  
    • Trump isn't going to pay for it either.  Because it's just smart business.   So that means ordinary wage earners are going to pay for it.  Since they have no way of escaping the tax.   So with this in mind, do you think a "big majority" of ordinary workers are in favor of paying for someone else's healthcare, in addition to their own?
    • from past experiences i wouldnt use kent or estate if they where given to me!!!!!!!!!
    • Solid game last night. By far the best overall game this year. This team in the past maybe wouldn't take advantage of a bad situation with the other team (Bruins down their top 2 goalies), but last night they did it and Dubs was strong too when called upon. I really like how we are getting production from all over the lineup. What is it now, goals by 17 different guys? I will take it! Erickson-Ek is a bright spot too. He plays a steady game and will certainly make the decision to keep him with the big squad a tough one. Normally I don't like burning the first year right away on their ELC, but I think we should with him. He is getting enough playing time now where he is making a difference. Some guys who were in a similar spot like Dumba needed the extra ice time and games to develop more. On Dumba, I have had a love hate relationship with his game since the very beginning. What I have noticed though is I think Stevens has certainly had a big influence on his even in this young season. He has been very physical at times which is something this team needs. Good to see. Now he needs to shore up the mental lapses a bit and he could be a real stud.
    • I have to agree with Trump.   There are people who need healthcare and don't have the money to pay for it and never will have enough money to pay for it.     I will venture to say that a majority, maybe even a big majority of the people/voters would agree that some provision has to be made for folks in that situation.   So far, most of the provision is medicaid, or MinnesotaCare.     Charity clinics aren't going to do it. 
    • Bummer, unless it is cheap.     Looking at those connectors again, they look like stuff I have seen at Fleet Farm and places like that as "bullet connectors" in the automobile electrical wiring area, with all the wire and crimp on stuff.     I looked on amazon because it was easy, and got these pictures.... Trick will be to get right size...   But they are cheap.  They also come waterproof with heat shrink.  If you get desperate you could replace both sides....  The kits come with male and female typically.  I bet any autoparts store sells them as well. 
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