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Jim Almquist

A few Pine Grosbeaks from the Bog

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The Pine Grosbeaks have really been hitting the feeders in large numbers. All of these shots are from Jonnys feeder on Arkola Road. There were times that there was as many as 10 males and almost twice as many females coming in to feed and if you kept still they would be at your feet eating away. Sorry about so many shots but I liked them all grin







This shot was not cropped-It was that close grin


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Shots 3 and 5 are my fav's.

The bird in #3 has that look like "You looking at me?"

#5 is simply an awesome capture.

Nice work Jim.

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Due to light constraints, Arkola Rd. feeder is an excellent challenge to come away with keepers. Nice images here, number4 is VERY nice, pleasing light, great details, side profile, and sweet skyward glance, well done!

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All nice captures Jim!....I never tire of watching these beautiful ,colorful, friendly grosbeaks....I noticed the males tend to hold back abit before coming into the feeders and let the females go first....kinda like the buck and the doe thing I guess grin....I also get "really" close to these guys and some light within inches allowing for those closeup shots and are absolutely unafraid once one is standing motionless....their wingbeats are so loud and strong one can hear them coming from behind you a long ways away....great creatures these grosbeaks!...soon they'll be off to new territories come spring breakup...

I noticed a pack of timber wolves chewed up the remaining deer carcass's at the owl Ave feeder when I was there Saturday...they dragged 3 of em down into the ditch and completely stripped em ....snow was covered with their huge paw prints...sure would have been nice to get a few images of these big guys chewin on the carcass's!....

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