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Prop bending for globes

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I've got this in the Rod Building/Luremaking forum also but haven't got much for responses. I'm looking for general guidelines on bending props for globes. I haven't fished with them much and am not familiar on tuning them. Wanting to know what will give you more/less noise, what will let you run them slow/fast, etc. I have all the hardware and bodies to make a couple. I know there will be trial and error but would like to get in the ballpark to start with. Thanks, later.

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hey coot.

first, most if not all production props come flat like yours are i'm sure. then to create uniformity a press die is used, either by hand or machine, to make the bend the same every time. i was forced way back when to build a bender but not a press die. two different sized bolts, some stainless/brass tubing, nuts, and a steel plate bent in an exagerated ''U'' and mounted to a bench. it works good for most bends but it lacks ''perfect precision'' on every bend. to visulize... remember the old laundry ringers? two rollers real close together and the clothes put through it to ring out the water? thats the set up except theres no handle and the mounting bolts tighten down the rollers to the prop and then the prop is bent. i use oval, square and round tubing. right now it's packed away in storage or i'd be able to put a pic up. any bending i do on tally wacker style props these days is by hand with my,ROUND NOSE PLIERS or/and my fingers wink. and on one of my small hobby vises for the propeller style. for how to bend it just try and match other bends on other baits. trial and error is really the only way. describing the bends is pretty much impossible. but if you have a domming block and punch set you can get some real nice POP out of those bad boys. hope this helps.

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