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Generator Size

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I was hoping someone could give me some suggestions abour what size generator I should get for a 7x12 fish house. I don't expect there will be a lot of current draw; maybe a small TV/VCR, lights, maybe some 12V battery chargers (for vexilars), and other small conveniences. I don't foresee any need to run motors and such. How big a generator would you recommend? Brand suggestions? Any buying "gotchas" or things to look for are appreciated. Thanks.

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I do pretty much the same thing you are doing. I purchased a Honda EU1000i, it's 1000 watt and very, very quiet! I can run mine for 8-10 hours on a tank of gas, which is only 0.6 gallons. I can honestly say that I can hear other people's big generators over a 1/2 mile away above mine which is right outside my door, I often stick mine in the bed of the truck and crack the tonneau cover a bit, this really makes it that much quieter.

A few other really nice feature of this unit are the fact that it will sense for current draw and only idle the motor as high as it needs to to supply you needs, and if you turn something else up it will bump it up as needed.

It has built in filters for sensitive equipment like TVs VCRs and computers.

You can charge batteries directly off of the 12V supply (with optional cable, which I think you can just make)

Also if you find out later on in life that you want or need more power at certain events you can connect two of these generators togther to give you 2000 watts, which is nice to know you can just "add-on" so to speak if you feel the need.

There was a post a while back in the equipment forum about the ease and reliablity of the Honda's. Someone had stated they used many generators at a resort in Alaska and found that all in all they couldn't beat a Honda.

You can find them for around $699, I would shop the internet for the cheapest price and then go into Northern Tool and they will price match it.

Good luck, and if you are in the cities I can show you how quiet they really are if you wanna come listen to mine.

By the way did you find gas lanterns yet? Or are you just going to go with electric ones now with the generator. I wouldn't even bother with the gas lamps if you are getting a generator.

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Thanks for the input. You guessed right on the gas lights. My questions have been on behalf of my dad who is building a house as we speak. He decided not to use the gas lights and stay with battery and/or electric lights. He's undecided on a generator at point and maybe just use deep cycle batteries and 12V lights. The convenience of a generator has him interested though. In your experience (which sounds extensive - I'm so jealous!) is that the 1000W is adequate for most fish house applications, correct?

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Yes, unless you plan on hooking up refrigerators and freezers, or powering larger tools, you'll be fine with that model.

And after buying one, if he decides he needs more juice for other applications than you can add on at that time with the parallel cable, but I think he will be very happy with it. Actually he could probably get by with a 500W, but for just a little extra money you can a 1000W and have plenty of juice on reserve.

I traded my gas lamps in to Frank, in return I am having a amplified antenna installed this season. Now we will be able to watch the hockey games and well maybe a few of the Queens games too. But it is still fun to run into the bar and watch the games in there too, but you can't fish during this approach.

I see you are only in Chaska, I am in Hopkins, if you wanna ever swing by and hear the generator run, or maybe try in on your application too see how it work.

Also after I get my house back from Frank, you're welcome to swing in a take a look maybe pick up a few ideas here and there.

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Well it peaks out at 1000 and will run continuous at 900. I am going to try a toaster this year, but now that someone has brought it up I will plug it in and try it soon and report back. I need to fire that thing up anyhow, should make sure to put the fluids all back in it too!

And yes I did,...why do you ask? I see your profile Dad works at the arena there in the evenings as a part-time job.

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