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New Puppy

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We'll... got home from work yesterday and I had a greating committe waiting..

Someone abandoned two Lab/retriever mix puppies on our deck, both females, and half starved. The wife fell in love with one and it looks like we're getting a new addition to the family. Now my topic is...

I need a good hunting dog name?

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well... with your handle and the fact he was adrift....

I vote for 'Drifter'!

Good Luck!


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I've had 2 dogs named Ranger, I also like Mackenzie. Sure is nice to hear of a bad situation that you have helped turn into a good one.

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Names with a hunting theme are great....

Remington shortened to Remmy,

Winnie or Winchy (Winchester)


Cabela (Cabby)



Arduinna - The Gaulish huntress Goddess

Artemis - She is the goddess of the wilderness

Atlanta - A famous huntress In Greek mythology

Diana - The goddess of the hunt

Rahan - Famous cartoon hunter

Ghillie - a type of knife




Theron - greek for Hunter

Chasen - old English Hunter

Lots of other good ones too.

You said you inherited two but wife loved one....what did you do with the sister ..... not that I'm looking as I am plenty busy with two 5 month GSP's right now.

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Jenny, you know Jenny Jenny 8675309. Now try to get that out of your head lol

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TO continue on my hunting theme idea....but with "J"'s

How about in the J pattern of duck decoys in jump shooting ducks.

My first choice if you want a name beginning in J.....

Jaeger....a hunting sword popular in the 1700-1800's and the english spelling of the German word for hunter Jäger.

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Gypsie? OK, I know it doesn't start with a J, but sounds like it does, and seems to fit grin

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