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New Puppy

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We'll... got home from work yesterday and I had a greating committe waiting..

Someone abandoned two Lab/retriever mix puppies on our deck, both females, and half starved. The wife fell in love with one and it looks like we're getting a new addition to the family. Now my topic is...

I need a good hunting dog name?

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well... with your handle and the fact he was adrift....

I vote for 'Drifter'!

Good Luck!


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I've had 2 dogs named Ranger, I also like Mackenzie. Sure is nice to hear of a bad situation that you have helped turn into a good one.

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Names with a hunting theme are great....

Remington shortened to Remmy,

Winnie or Winchy (Winchester)


Cabela (Cabby)



Arduinna - The Gaulish huntress Goddess

Artemis - She is the goddess of the wilderness

Atlanta - A famous huntress In Greek mythology

Diana - The goddess of the hunt

Rahan - Famous cartoon hunter

Ghillie - a type of knife




Theron - greek for Hunter

Chasen - old English Hunter

Lots of other good ones too.

You said you inherited two but wife loved one....what did you do with the sister ..... not that I'm looking as I am plenty busy with two 5 month GSP's right now.

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Jenny, you know Jenny Jenny 8675309. Now try to get that out of your head lol

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TO continue on my hunting theme idea....but with "J"'s

How about in the J pattern of duck decoys in jump shooting ducks.

My first choice if you want a name beginning in J.....

Jaeger....a hunting sword popular in the 1700-1800's and the english spelling of the German word for hunter Jäger.

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Gypsie? OK, I know it doesn't start with a J, but sounds like it does, and seems to fit grin

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    • Hey you guys-you forget I'm an old Alaskan.  I know all I need to know about the dingbat and her famous family. If you are actually accepting her blather as useful intelligence and knowledge than you are as squirrely as she is. Let her just fade away for Pete's sake.
    • Hi Dave.  We have talked about this briefly a year or two ago.  Due to the paranoia factor on this site I and most others aren't here as much.  I do miss guys like you Dave.  I remember the pic of your camper at Itasca so we took a drive through this summer.   I wondered where your spot was.  Man I hope you come out of this alright Dave.  My Uncle had diabetes bad and finally lost the battle.  The docs said change your diet or take the shot.  He said give me the shots.  Well that lasted for many years and his body finally gave in..  He should have changed his diet too.  I took him to a couple of bear baits he wanted to see and he told me his feet were finally giving in.  AND he was a tough guy.   Anyway Dave we all love you and I hope you can persevere....   I am thinking good things for you so you think positive too.....    Barry.    Hope this isn't deleted for one of their paranoid reasons...  If it is deleted I will never be back as many others.   So sad.....
    • It is interesting how people got out so early.  I have done it too.  3 or 4 hits with the spud and it is alright.......  NO it isn't ....  It is manly to talk about getting on the ice first.  Well now that I am older I realize it is stupid talk not manly.  The fishing sales world is just as guilty.  They talk about the first ice fishing being so good.  They actually are hugely responsible for getting stupid people out on thin ice.  The lets make a buck is more important than anything.  ANYTHING!!! 
    • Great pictures.   I'm used to seeing eagles, but those pictures are outstanding. 
    • Didn't I just do that?   Can't you read? 
    • Only if they have a drinking problem and maybe me implants.  That's all the Canadian folks care about....
    • That sounds like a great idea. 
    • I know perfectly well how phishing works.   Typical Liberal thinks anyone who is not toeing the party line is ignorant.    It isn't that hard to phish a fool like podesta.
    • I feel like we were just water skiing not to long ago!  Definitely caught a sun burn for deer season ha.  I'll be doing my fishing at the grocery store for a bit yet.
    • Remember, your fishing for pickerel!!  No such thing as walleye where your fishing
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