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Knob and Tube wiring

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Not that I know of and I gutted many a houses that had knob and tube with blown cellulose. Really, a lot of those old homes that have been blown have knob and tube.

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Thermal insulation problems This a COPY & PASTE

Faced with drafty houses and high heating bills, homeowners often add thermal insulation to their attics and walls. Insulation on top of knob and tube wiring is a major fire hazard.

Remember the first good point of knob and tube wiring? The wire suspended in open air allows heat to dissipate. Loose and rolled insulation counteracts the original open air installation of knob and tube wiring.

In 1987, the National Electric Code prohibited the placement of insulation in contact with this type wiring.

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Fix the wiring now, while you can still can get to it.

It will save you a lot of labor over run in the future. $$$$$

I don't do electrical work, but I spend a lot of time in peoples attics in my work.

If it has blown in isolation, It's three times the labor rate.

DISCLAIMER: i am in no way an expert, at anyting. anything i say is my own opinion and/or observation, and should never be regarded as fact, unless otherwise stated.

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    • Actually, you just chose not to.
    • I've had a Marcum camera for many years and have found it extremely educational.  When I take new anglers on the ice, they love watching the fish.  Never had the camera spook a fish.   I used a Marcum battery-powered panner to rotate the camera, and that helps identify my lure.  However, you also have to be pretty confidant with the depth of your jig, so that it will show up on the camera.   I've found the camera of limited value during the summer, because it's constantly moving up and down, and a little side to side.  Even if I can find my jig, it's not for long.  What I use the camera for during soft water season is to identify bottom structure and get a general idea what's down there.     During hard water season, I use it primarily to see bites before they happen.  Not only do I know exactly what's near or looking at my jig, but I can see when they're actually going after it.  I have pulled the hook away from fish that were obviously too small, and also been able to set the hook on a bite before I could feel it.   I love my flasher, but I have out-fished buddies with my camera.
    • $750 this week only or it gets winterized
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    • Got my Helix 5. Now just need to get my sled out of storage and figure out where to mount it.
    • Now that's funny.  I chose not to answer a ignorant question that an elitist like yourself could care less the answer to.  The only reason you want an answer to that question is to spend the next week trying to find some ignorant reason he/she is a bad choice. #rentfree
    • But you couldn't articulate who your favorite Trump picks for justices were, or why.
    • Many of the resorts / cabins where I stay on weekend fishing outings do not have a fish cleaning house. I also do not like the smell of dead fish from the cleaning process in my home. My wheel house is a fishing shack only, non-sleeper, which I take off the ice each night. It has both A/C and propane heat so I usually plug it into an AC outlet at night.   I decided to build a retractable / drop-down fish cleaning table 17” x 48” up and out of the way while on the ice and a warm place to clean fish. I use clear news print between the my fish cleaning board and the table to eliminate the need to wash the table every time I use it. Functionally works well, still needs some finish touches, paint, stain, rust treatment. I can also see many uses for this table while on the Ice. Fish Cleaning Table.mp4
    • Big win for the team today. Not many folks thought they would go into Carolina and leave 3-0. If this offense can get their sh$t together this may be a fun year. Defense is the real deal.
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