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Pointing Labs

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For those of you that have pointing labs, can you tell me what you like or dislike about them. I have been thinking about getting one for a while. I love hunting behind my dad's GSP but I would like some of your opinions about your pointing labs.

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i have one but she wasnt trained to point or anything she just picked it off from insticnt im guessing. we got her (chocolate lab) when she was about 2 years old from my dads coworker who was moving to town so we took her pheasant hunting a few times and after a while she got used to it then a couple years later she picked up on pointing. i do like it because before she would just flush them but now i have time to get ready when she is on point. dont really have anything to say that is negative about it.

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My lab is only 1 1/2 years old, so she really has only had one full season under her belt. She has pointing lab genes and she started pointing toward the end of the season despite not doing anything to actually train her to point.

I basically like the fact that she can do it all. Retrieves, loves water, flushes, points, and is a great family dog. What more could you want.

What I don't like is the cost, but shes worth it.


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I Don't have anything negative to say about ours. In fact we liked so much the first time we bought two more this fall one of which started pointing already at about 4 months old. You dont necessarilt have to break the bank on one either the more expensive of the two we only paid $400 and has a 30 month guarantee.

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    • On 10/20/2016 at 10:44 PM, Walleyehooker said:

      Not sure when they put in the solar grid as I wasn't there last year but it is massive. Must be selling power off of that as I don't think they need that much power there.


      It took a couple days here to run across the article from the Morrison County Record, but here's a little info on the solar panels.


      Completed in October 2016.


      Can generate 10 megawatts.


      Panel field is 63 acres in size.


      $25 million to build.


      The energy will meet or exceed what camp uses.  The project provides a redundant energy supply to their natural gas in case of emergency.


      Minnesota Power stated the solar field is capable of supplying enough energy for 2000 homes for one year.


      Normally the power will go back into the grid and satisfy 1/3 of the requirement for MP&L to generate "GREEN" energy as mandated by the State in 2013.


      One could probably look the article up on the page but those are the high points.

    • Is this what we call an embarrassing win!!?

    • find em and send that eyeguy a note... ;)


    • 7 hours ago, Neighbor_guy said:


      I do all of my hunting with a 20ga


      After seeing what my one kids 20ga is capable of I'm really considering going back to one.


    • Short hunt today because of the heat but managed 2 on a quick sundown hunt